Thursday, October 14, 2010


My gawd, it has been ten days since my last post! Egads (I've always wanted to use that word in a blog post) that's too long. I'm sorry my awesome blog friends I promise I haven't forgotten you. I also promise that there has been MORE than enough stories for me to blog about. So what's my deal you ask? Exhaustion. Pure and simple
I don't know how children manage to collectively go nuts, but, they do it and at my school they do it with a dash extra crazy topped with loony. Yes, I realize they all mean virtually the same thing, but, that is the best description my fried brain can conjure up right now. Last night I went to bed around 9pm. The extra sleep did me a world of good as today I've had one child throw a fit for a solid twenty minutes during lunch, I had to break up two near fights in another class, watch another employee show off a students teeth marks on his arm, and at the end of the day I discover that my friend and co-worker has to have a brain scan to rule out an aneurysm. To top it all off Leo was hyper and Louie's having explosive diarrhea all over the house and I must get him to the vet pronto. Oh not to mention there's the concern that what Louie has Leo may get so I gotta keep an eye on both of them and keep Therapetics informed of what my vet says Louie has.
Aren't you jealous?
That's just today people and there's still over eight hours left until the end. And just to let you know today is a pretty good example of what's been going on since last week. One thing after another. It's just nuts and I'm very run down by it all.
So, I have to miss Leo's training, but, I'm hoping to get my dance class in as I just need something to take my mind off of all this craziness. In exactly one week I'll get to be on fall break and I'm hoping to recoop some of my energy and sanity for that matter.
In the meanwhile, I'm working to get back into the blogging groove. I have pictures of the new kitten (yes, I kept him), Leo at the fair (no mullet pics though boo!!), stories about this that and the other all ready to be posted. Just bare with me, I'm getting there!


Sarah said...

I didn't see any mullets when I was at the fair, either! Clearly we went at the wrong time.

I'd say it's a full moon, but it's not. There's still a week till that. Maybe I shouldn't have said that.

Hope everyone gets back to 'normal' soon! Chin up!

Habebi said...

I did get lucky enough to see a punk mullet, but, my camera wasn't out and I was handling Leo in a crowd so it was a no go! So bummed about that!

Thanks for the words of encouragement. It's bound to get better at some point right?

Caitie said...

Oh man, so jealous. Explosive diaherra and getting to worry about a fanged little elementary school child, you're having the best day ever ;-) I can't believe a kid BIT a teacher. Leo will have to teach that kid how to keep his teeth to himself! hahaha. Can't wait to hear more...and find out the name for the kitten!

Habebi said...

LoL that's a great idea Catie!! Ha ha ha!! We did talk about teaching Leo to take kids to the office pulling them there by their t-shirt. However there are a few ethical/ legal issues standing in the way of making that happen. ;)

I'll be updating more frequently. I realized today sharing these stories is a must! Hope Canada is treating you well!

Sara Louise said...

I can't get past the explosive diarrhea. That sucks! It sucks so bad for you!!! If I was rich I'd send you a magnum of champagne and a cleaning service. xo

annelise said...

Explosive diarrhea.

I have nothing to say except I hope to gawd your weekend is better than this week sounds!

Clouds said...

hope things calm down soon. puddy cat sounds cute! looking forward to the pictures. :)

Habebi said...

Sara Louise- You are too kind my friend! Jon got to clean up the diarrhea bouts since I was at work. Bless his heart! I think he deserve a seriously awesome award for doing that!

Habebi said...

annelise- Thank you!! Good news is the weekend is going much MUCH better thank goodness. I really needed things to let up!

Habebi said...

Clouds- Thank you girl! I will be posting pictures soon. I'm debating right now what to post first... fair or kitten?