Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oktoberfest Part Two

Post Performance Celebrations:

ie How to Enjoy Oktoberfest After You've Sweat Five Pounds Off

What better way to celebrate a fun performance than to get your German on, and drink some beer and have some good times at Oktoberfest. Ok, so I'm not technically German and I wasn't in a dirndl, but, I was in spirit!! Meghan and I felt the need to show our German-ness posing next to the beer stein. It's a bit kitchsy, I know, but, that dude on there is rockin' his leiderhosen like no other. How could we resist?

There are a lot, and I mean a lot of smiles after a performance. Especially, when you get to hang out with your friends to eat, laugh, and celebrate. Susan and Meghan so graciously posed in front of the tent we performed in to show how many good vibes were going on. Oh and yes, beer, there was plenty of beer to help with that; for the adults of course! I know what you all were thinking ;-)

Even the little ones joined in the good mood vibe. That's what I like about Oktoberfest, everyone seems to just be having fun. Sitting down, eating, drinking, watching the entertainment, or in some cases joining the entertainment (ie The Chicken Dance), and just enjoying the atmosphere.

How could I not put this picture up? I ask you... how?!?

The food at Oktoberfest is AWESOME! This strudel is heaven in a box. I never knew heaven came in a box, well other than one that contains decadent chocolate pieces, until Jon and I bought this strudel from one of the vendors. Oh.My.GAWD. It is soooooooooo delicious. The only thing that would be better than this is eating it in Bavaria. But, hey I'll take what I can get.


I would say my only complaint about Oktoberfest is the fact we only get plastic, disposable, cups to drink our beer from. While we do get to keep the pitchers (sorry, don't know how I missed taking a picture of that- oh wait yes, I do... I was drinking beer from it) I do wish we had the actual mondo steins being carried around by servers like the original Oktoberfest. Because of the puny servings I did have to two fist it at one point.


Which btw, do you know what kind of looks one gets when one is wearing a private school-esque skirt carrying around beer in each hand?? Too bad I didn't have an extra hand or I would show you what kind of looks you get when you're walking around in that get up beer hand in hand.

Love these people.

"Hey sweetie, what do you think of Oktoberfest?"

"Must have bigger beer containers!"

See even the young ones are on board with me here!


Ok, ok I kid I kid!! Please no angry emails alright?

Irish dance instructor + Post performance high + Beer = Hilarious modern dance interpertation. I nearly peed my pants I laughed so hard.

You can only imagine the bladder induced stress I had when she struck this pose.


Really, what more could one ask for? Great times, good laughs, tasty food and drink, wonderful friends, all at a fantastic festival. Now that's a way to spend your time after a performance.


annelise said...

Sounds excellent. Nothing like a good festival in good weather with good beer and good friends. Glad you had fun!

Habebi said...

Annelise- exactly!! I wish I had just asked a friend for a ride so I couldve stayed and continued to absorb the good vibes. But, hey, no complaints because I really do have a good time!

Sarah said...

AWESOME!!! I can imagine the looks. It helps when you look as good as you and can pull it off so well! Yay for GOOD BEER!!!

Habebi said...

Sarah- Awwww shucks!! You're too sweet! Yes, yay for good beer. Had some yummy, yummy Spaten... wanted so much more than I had lol. ;-)

Sara Louise said...

It looks like you really enjoyed yourself! A much needed fun-break! :-)

Caitie said...

Look at you rocking those Jackie O sunglasses. Tre chic! That looked like a lot of fun! And, yes please :-)

Habebi said...

Sara Louise- I really did!! And yes, it was a much, MUCH needed fun break.

Habebi said...

Caitie- I love me some Jackie O esque sunglasses!! I need some Ray Bans and I can rock any sunglass trend look! ;-)

Yes, that strudel.. to DIE for! The apple pie knock offs I had as a kid don't hold a candle to the bona fide thing.

Clouds said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Oktoberfest is fantastic. Food, booze, dancing.... what more could one ask for? ;)

Habebi said...

Clouds- preach it! Sometimes that's just what one needs yo know? And I'm not going to lie, I really needed that!