Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Because One Isn't Enough

You all know that I adopted Louie, a rescue puppy, a month and a half ago. I LOVE dogs and cats and I knew one day I would probably have more than just a couple eventually.

Eventually came... Monday night.

Jon and I went for a walk with Louie and on our way to the drugstore to pick up something (it's very close to my house) I saw something resembling a cat in the driveway. Turns out it was a cat, nearly dead, skin and bones (not an exaggeration), dehydrated beyond belief, with fleas and flea dirt everywhere, and matted and missing fur. I started to cry as I picked her extremely frail body up. Jon and I began hauling back to my house while dialing numbers to find someplace to take her.

I knew she was beyond anything I could do and she was dying. I cried, Jon dialed, and after eight or nine numbers we wrapped her up in a towel and headed to an emergency clinic in Jenks (some 20 mintues away). I was desperate to help her, knowing she probably would die, but, I wasn't going to give up on her. I named her Nelly- a name that came out of the blue, but, seemed right. She wasn't going to die without a name I thought. I prayed that she would live and not give up.

Nelly didn't give up.

Miracuosly, she lived through the night. It took hours of IV fluids and antibiotics (she has a nasty infection). No rescue organization would take since she was older and we didin't have bloodwork done yet as I focused more on keeping her alive than those details. I visted my vet yesterday and after some communication with the ER vet we agreed that a transfer would be best. Not to mention cheaper. My vet told me she was old and that bloodwork would be needed. Dr. Wendy was kind, gentle, but, straightforward about all the things that would probably be wrong. Once again I decided I wasn't going to give up on Nelly. She was worth giving every chance.

The results of her labs came in today. Other than a high white blood cell count from the infection miracuosly (noticing a theme here?) everything else looked pretty good. My vet asked me if I was okay taking in another pet and I told her that while I would have to work on my roomie I would keep her. Nelly's going to be at the vet's a little longer getting healthier (not to mention thicker), but, she is happy, resting and eating tons.

So I found, saved, and subsequently adopted a cat that I don't know from Job. However insane you may think I am- that's cool. I think we are meant to help and do things with no warning. Sometimes fate chooses you. For whatever reason it 'chose' me to find Nelly in a driveway and take care of her. And I'm okay with that.

Though my cat Mina is going to be SO pissed....


Sarah said...

HA I imagine Nelly will be able to hold her own by the time she's ready to come home. Yay for multiple cats! :D

Habebi said...

LOL I bet! Which is good- Mina needs someone to keep her in-line. She's a good kitty, but, she's young and yeah... needs a bit o' slappin' around.

You'd be so proud of Jon. He drove me everywhere, didn't question, was supported, and encouraging through all of this. He's such a great guy!