Monday, July 6, 2009

Fireworks Gone Wild

As seen in the previous post we had a fantastic view of the Fourth of July firework display along the Arkansas River. All was going well until about 10 or so minutes into the show- then this happened:

All of a sudden things began going bezerk on the bridge where the firework platforms were. Sorry for the fuzziness... I was so surprised by the loud 'booms' the camera didn't get a chance to focus and process the pic.

All of this mind you happened fast.

Though I'm not going to lie- it was pretty fantastic to look at. Though we were all confused, wondering if this was planned or not. There was so much exploding and the fireworks were really, really low. The first thing I said after the display was done was, 'I don't think that was supposed to happen.'

Sure enough it wasn't. Turns out something caused a launcher to tip over and the firework inside it misfired- causing an exlosion that cascaded through to the other platforms. From what I understand, most of the fireworks, if not all, of the last 14 minutes of the show went up in a matter of seconds. Thankfully no one was hurt!

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Anonymous said...

Even though it was a mistake, it must have been great fun!