Thursday, July 16, 2009

Forgot Something

As it has been a bit crazy these past two weeks, and I'm scatter brained to begin with, I forgot to mention that I have been, well, more or less promoted. My two bosses from the studio and I had some coffee last week and they told me what they'd like me to do, what I wanted do to, etc and as of August I will be working more at the studio to help run things, continue with private lessons, as well as, work on a starting a couple of projects we have in mind. So wootness!

Just thought you all should know. More to come... when I can think straight again....


Sarah said...

Yay! And great timing given the end (if I remember right) of the temp job!

Habebi said...

Yup! Tomorrow's my last day and I am SO ready for it! Nice people and all, but, the same ol' thing day in and day out in that setting is just not for me. Fun while it lasted, but, I'm looking forward now. I'm very excited about this opportunity with the studio. I'll give more details later.

Oh and keep up the amazingness that is your garden. Not going to lie I'm in awe and a wee bit jealous.