Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy Week

It's only Wednesday and I feel as if my head will not stop spinning. I'm working a summer camp 9am-12pm every weekday. I work with two other gals and we teach about twenty-five kiddos a musical (this year it's the "Aristocats"). So that's pretty tiring! To top it off I have my usual lessons, babysitting Friday, AND one last week of working at the office job. Last night I went to a Bastille Day celebration at a restaurant with other Francophiles from the Alliance Francaise Tulsa. I've had to be a social butterfly too! Lastly, there's the to-do list, vet appointments, some furniture moving, etc etc.

I am sooooooooo ready for Friday night! Not because I'm going to a party, but, because my week will be done!

Man that makes me sound old doesn't it?


Sarah said...

LOL No, it makes you sound busy! And like you have a very full and wonderful life!

Habebi said...

Full and wonderful life eh? That is a spin on things that I totally dig!

Anonymous said...

I agree that your life is busy. Keeps you from being afraid of the dark!
Bon courage with the kids! You're a better person than I am.