Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July- Two Year Old Style

Dylan, Jon's godson, his parents, and us celebrated the Fourth together. Fortunately, the weather cleared up long enough for several hours of good times. However, I do believe that Dylan, by far had the most fun.
Dylan's first experience with pop-its.

They were an instant hit!

Watchful Momma.

Before we galevanted off to the river Dylan requested a book. Dad was kind enough read it through twice for him. Two year olds love repetition!

We found a primo spot for the firework disply. As Dylan played at the water's edge I snapped a few shots.

I love Oklahoma sunsets!

As soon as it was dark enough the fireworks began.

Dylan LOVED it!!

He kept yelling, "Stars go boom!"

After this pretty shot I shouted out, "Awesome!" After which, Dylan said it for the rest of the show. So, I taught Dylan to say awesome and yes I'm rather proud of that fact. His joy was infectious and after the show ended (more on that story later) he continued to request more, "Stars that go boom!" I think he had a pretty good Fourth of July.


Sarah said...

Too cute! He is the spitting image of his parents, isn't he?? And she sure isn't showing very much! Glad you guys had fun - missed ya!

Habebi said...

Thank you! I missed you guys too. Watching a pyro show is much more fun when you're setting off the fireworks

Anonymous said...

That was a nice way to spend the 4th. Be careful not to teach Dylan any objectionable words unless they're in French.