Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Forgive Me Blogger for I Have Sinned....

Okay so it's been a little bit since a new 'here's what's going on in my life' post. To be quite honest life just got busy and thus I was T-I-R-E-D. Too much going on, info scattered and jumbled in my brain, and lots of fatigue made it difficult to sit down and sort through it all on my blog. So I will try to give a little recap to catch everyone up on the latest and greatest. Again no pictures because yeah... the camera has just not been taken care of. I think I'm going to make some serious threats to Jon to get that thing fixed... stay tuned.

On with the show!

Thanksgiving was celebrated at Jon's sisters house on Wednesday night. Everything went well- and I didn't have to bake a thing! Jon's sis is amazing, very much like him, in that she LOVES to cook and she handled it all with calm and holiday cheer. If I had to be in charge of an entire Thanksgiving meal for 15 people I would be having a series of mini-meltdowns- at best! We ended the night playing Cranium with Faith's whole family plus a boyfriend. Jon and I totally lost, but, I did know the answer to a little known factoid proving once again I have way to much random information in my brain.

Thursday Jon and his father cleared out the way too small storage unit and dropped everything off at his house. This proved to be helpful come Sunday when the big move occured.

Friday Tia and I rented a U-Haul to pick up the piano in Broken Arrow (a city just south of Tulsa). Thank goodness for Tia's brother and father though! The piano is a spinet or console, meaning it's the smallest upright piano you can get. Still, that sucker weighs easily 300-400 pounds! Fortunatly man power (literally), wheels on the piano, and a ramp got the piano safely in the truck. Add some scarves (yes I said scarves! We didn't pack any rope- real smart move) and we got the piano safely into our house. I've been playing LOTS! The joy of having a piano in my home after 6 years of not having one has been bliss!

Oh and Jon braved Black Friday madness and bought a fridge and a couple of random items for the house. Give me piano moving any day over retail madness!

Saturday brought about moving two loads of small boxes from Jon's parents house to his new abode. That took all afternoon. So the evening was spent in proper style over at a friends house with Wii playing and pizza eating good times.

Sunday- ie "D-Day" ie "The Big Move". Four friends volunteered to help with the promise of two paid for meals as payment. Jon rented a U-Haul and I drove it. Yes, I drove a U-Haul around as I wasn't going to be able to be much help when it came to the heavy lifting- had to contribute in some way! Of course Sunday was cold and dreary with the threat of rain. Still we managed to clean out most of Jon's stuff from his parent's house and all the stuff that was stored at my place (due to the before mentioned storage unit being tiny). This was accomplished in about four hours and we beat the rain. Some doors had to come off their hinges, but, large items were put in place and our friends were rewarded with a large Indian meal bought at a nearby restaurante.

So to summerize... several days of on and off packing and three days of moving culminated in Jon finally out of his parents house and into his own place- FOR GOOD! If I hadn't been so exhausted I think I would've done cartwheels all over Tulsa. However, for me, the adventure didn't stop there. Monday I went down to Norman in a rental car (my roomie works for a large car rental company and it was going to be cheaper than filling the tank my big hooptie car) to see an aunt and uncle I haven't seen in over 8 years! They live in California and they were in town to see my cousin's family. So, I made the trek in hopes of reconnecting with more of my family. The trip was a success. Nothing major really went down, just lots of catching up, and helping with a project my aunt and cousin were working on. I finally got home around 11pm and in bed after midnight.

As a result of all of that 'activity', yesterday I woke up EXHAUSTED beyond comprehension. So that's why this rather long and drawn out post came today.

So there's what I've been up to! How are you all doing?


lovelyinlux said...

Oh my goodness!! You got a piano, and it was free!! I'm very happy for you...I also had a spinet until I moved over here, then I was forced to go to the "dark side" and get a Clavinova because I needed to be able to turn down the volume in an apartment building...but someday I'll get my acoustic!! Enjoy the new baby!!

Sarah said...

I'm so thrilled for both of you, and DOUBLY thrilled about that piano! WOOHOO!!!! Congratulations, and I can't wait to see pictures when they are forthcoming.

Habebi said...

lovely- Thank you so much! I understand your feelings about having to go digital- it just isn't the same! Glad you have something though in the meantime and hopefully you can get a 'real' piano soon!

Sarah- Thanks girl! It's hard to describe how nice it is to be able to play when I want. It's a whole new way to release and clear out the brain 'gunk'. Which lord knows I need that BAD! ;-) lol I will get pics up as soon as I wrangle Jon into going to a camera store.

The Pliers said...

It's possible that I'm most excited for you about reconnecting, on your own initiative, with a bit of your family. That takes lots of commitment and emotional energy. It reminds me of the book by Monica McGoldrick called "You Can Go Home Again: Reconnecting with Your Family." I read the whole thing on the flight from CA to OK in March for my 95 year old stepgrandmother's funeral and it has been holding me in good stead ever since!


Habebi said...

Pliers- Yes, it was a bit intense the trip down to Norman. I was riding high on adreneline and coffee! The aunt is my father's sister and I think I was recieved well. To be honest, I think she was a bit 'reserved' with me if you will, but, I think that's part due to being surrounded by three young children (and thus tired). However, I also think she was trying to figure me out overall which is cool- hope she gave my grandparents a good report when she returned to CA!

My uncle on the other hand was awesome. He inquired about what I have been up to, told me he was proud of me (since I graduated from TU and all that), asked about my job, then finally asked me, "Are you happy?" to which I smiled and replied, "Yeah, I am." He smiled back and said, "Good." and then went on about how life is not worth much living in misery and waiting to be happy. I've always liked this particular uncle a lot and was fortunate enough to be reminded why I liked him so much to begin with.

One more step down- Talk about a journey!