Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Megan's My Name... Dogsitting's My Game

Annie and Louie after a round of puppy combat

Over the Christmas/Holiday break I've been watching pets. I don't mind really as the more the merrier in my mind when it comes to animals. I've dogsat Hunter my roommate's brother's pet, and catsat Runco my friend's kitty. They returned to their respective homes yesterday and the house felt a whole lot quieter. Too quiet actually.

That changed today! Today I picked up Annie a service dog in training for Therapetics. She's an 11 month old puppy, full of energy, sweet, and willing to bring you shoes and socks even when you don't want them. lol I'll only keep her for a few days, but, I do believe being a puppy sitter is a great way to get hands on 'training' if you will for when a puppy comes home for me to raise- whenever that'll be. So far the dogs have played endlessly and I'm learning some new commands and methods of training. Pretty cool. Of course because Annie's becoming a service dog she can go to public places with me. Naturally I took her for a spin around Home Depot, she was pretty good especially for a puppy!

How's your break going?


Sarah said...

Break... I can't decide whether I want it to be over or not!

Dedene said...

Annie looks so much like Louie. I thought they were siblings. Petsitting gives you lots of laughs and stories to tell during cocktail parties.

What's up for tonight? Have a great St. Sylvestre and a wonderful nouvelle année!

Habebi said...

Sarah- I know what you mean! There are moments when I don't want it to end as it's nice to have so much time, yet I want to get to doing something productive again.

Dedene- It's crazy isn't it? I keep calling Annie Louie and vise-versa. Their eyes and expressions are quite similiar. Bonne année a vous!

I celebrated the New Year over at a friends. I hope your event went well and I look forward to reading all about it! Bonne

Jessica said...

What a good idea to be a pet sitter!