Friday, December 25, 2009

Winter Wonderland- Blizzard Edition

We were 'treated' (depending on who you're talking to) a nice blizzard Christmas Eve. One of the firsts in a long time around here. I was so excited, but, in anticipation of some serious winter weather (I listen when they issue warnings) I hauled some stuff and the pets over to Jon's as he was better equipped to deal with a snow-in than I. Thank goodness I did! I didn't have much food and the streets became too dangerous to go out. So, we stayed in all day! We missed Midnight Mass, but, I think Jesus understood. Here's a pictorial sum up of the blizzards progression.
First there was the ice/snow mix.

A few hours later....

After the earth is given a nice laquer of ice the snow begins to fall from the sky.

And gradually the landscape begins to transform.

Natrually Louie wanted to be right in the middle of it!

The more that came down the more he wanted to be outside!

Then the wind- Oh my gosh the wind! There were gusts up to 40mph if not more!

Trying to convince Louie to come inside proved to be a challenge. Despite the increasing depth of the snow and the high winds he wanted to stay put.

Before midnight the snow was easily a foot deep... if not deeper.

No worries we got Louie inside! Thought it did involve bribes. A quick pat down with a towel and he was ready to go for another round. Note the soaked through socks on the floor... when I came over to Jon's house I didn't bring any boots at all! So, I braved the cold in my socks to take pics of Louie and the snow. The things I'll do for a good picture!

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