Friday, December 18, 2009

Pretty Things

I am a Christmas junkie. I love decorating the trees, baking desserts, wrapping presents, buying gifts (as long as I minimize my exposure to the mall- I still get ticks when I go there thanks to my retail days), and so on. So, when we put up the tree at Jon's new house and decorated it I just got giddy inside. I can't help myself!

I swear I was a raccoon or a moth in another life. I love the glow of Christmas tree lights.

The ornaments are from a package Jon bought at a store. Not very personal, but, better than nothing! I do love how they shimmer.

Jon does have a couple of fun ornaments- Simpsons of course!

Had to get a shot of the puppy in front of the tree. It's his first Christmas afterall! (I know like I need an excuse to photograph my dog!)
Just you all wait- you haven't seen the tree and decorations at my house yet! ;-)


Anonymous said...

A new house deserves a fantastic Christmas. You've created your very own Christmas tradition.
Louie is very handsome!

Habebi said...

Merci Dedene! I agree, Christmas traditions, whether new or old are a must. Makes the holiday what it is!

Thank you also for the kind comment about Louie! He's growing to be such a neat dog. I'm very lucky. Just wish I could photograph his silly faces too, but, usually when he has those he won't sit still long enough for me to get a clear photo. One of these days!

Hope you're enjoying the snow!