Friday, December 11, 2009

Poor Wittle Guy

Oscar, looking too cool for school, and Mina
Last Monday afternoon I threw away some chili Jon brought over for lunch. I had some, but, it was just too greasy! After I chucked it out I took Louie over to the vet's to get weighed so I could give him the right dosage of flea and heartworm meds. My visit didn't last but 10ish minutes as I chatted with my vet about becoming a puppy raiser for Therapetics. Because of this short visit I didn't put Oscar away figuring the food was disposed of, what's the worst he could do?
Was I in for a surprise!
Got home and sure enough Mr. Mighty Eight Pound Dachsund knocked over the trash can, got the lid out of the way, and dug into my what was left of my lunch. My roomie and I didn't think much of it, though we were pretty sure he was going to have some...erm... "intestinal issues". Well, we were right about that, but, wrong in thinking that'd be all.
This morning I woke up to Oscar shrieking and whining. Now, at first I thought he had a sore back and tried to get him to lay still, but, he just wouldn't settle! Finally he went to Tia's room and did the same. Of course I can't fall back asleep, I'm tired, cramping, and annoyed at this point and figured Tia could deal with it.
His shrieking, however, didn't stop and we both noticed how bloated his stomach still was. While obsessing at work my roomie began to panic our called our vet Dr. Wendy asking if there was something we should do. Dr. Wendy reccomended we get him in in case he has pancreatitis as that can happen when doggies consume too much fat. So, after teaching one lesson this morning I ran back home to get Oscar to the vet. I told her everything I knew and had observed and sure enough he's got it along with some GI irritation.
He's being observed right now and recieving anti-biotics and pain meds (he seriously does not like pain in the least- can't say I blame him) and should be good to go home this evening. Poor little guy! We'll keep him rested (thanks to meds), feed him bland food, and spoil him further and he should make a full recovery.
Moral of a story- Never, EVER, underestimate what damage a small dog can do!


Sarah said...

Small dogs are SOOOOOOo much more trouble than big dogs!

Habebi said...

NO kidding!! Add the fact he's a dachsund and they have back problems all the time... YEESH! I love the little guy I do, but, man there are times I'm so glad I'm not the one paying the vet bills.

Heather said...

Poor puppy! Our dog seems to prefer things like crayons and dora explorer shoes...makes for interesting discoveries in the yard ;)
But LOOK at pretty miss Mina! Aw...tell her that her mama says hello! Clementine is doing well and even has a new boyfriend coming around. Luckily, no more litters for her ;) she's such a cougar...

Dedene said...

That'll teach him never to eat chili again. Poor dog. Hope he gets better soon.