Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Bright Sun Shiney Day

Facebook status updates from local friends are overflowing with comments on how gorgeous and sunny today is. The air still has a bit of a chill to it, but, when the sun is as bright as it is I don't notice it as much.
Now I do love winter, especially a snowy winter. However I will admit I'm ready for more sun, leaves, warmer temperatures and all that. That's what makes the seasons so great. When they change you're ready for that change, for the world around you to be a bit different, but, at the same time familiar. Ready for the birds to chirp, to take a walk outside, for animals to romp in the yard and play...

Or in Leo's case to see if the lower jaw bone is removable for play. I don't think Louie cares if it's spring or not, he's just probably focused on basic survival.
We all have our different ways of welcoming a new season in eh? How do you celebrate the arrival of spring?


Sara Louise said...

I spent the last two days taking my puppy for extra long walks enjoying the spring weather; sunny skies and bright blue skies for the first time in ages. And I didn't need a heavy coat or gloves =)

But it's grey and raining again today, c'est la vie!

Habebi said...

Bievenue Sara Louise! I feel ya, the best way to go for a walk outside is when you're not shivering and the sun is shining. I hope the weather improves and you have many more bright, sunny walks to come.

Thank you for dropping a comment and please feel free to leave more!

sarah said...

your dogs are hilarious. poor louie. :o)

send some of that sun our way. i'm jealous that your snow has melted enough to see grass! we have probably four feet of solid snow piled across our backyard, and i am NOT exaggerating.


Anonymous said...

Darling Louie, he's so nice to the youngster.
We've been having perfect sunny (but cold) weather. I swear that when spring comes, I'm going outside and will run around naked!

Habebi said...

sarah- They are so much fun! I am so lucky to always have them around to make me laugh.

Fingers crossed that spring starts knocking on your door soon!

Habebi said...

Dedene- Isn't he just a great 'big brother'? I am so happy they get along as well as they do.

Here's to warmer weather and streaking through the woods of France in celebration!