Thursday, March 18, 2010

Photo Obsession

I have an obsession with taking pictures of sleeping animals. I would probably take pics of sleeping humans, but, I don't think my roomie and boyfriend would appreciate me slipping into their rooms at night- can we say creeeeepy?
Animals it is then and as I'm surrounded by at least three-four on a daily basis I am fortunate enough to have ample opportunities for a photo shoot. I have honed my 'ninja skills' and am now able to successfuly sneak up on a sleepy and unsuspecting critter without waking them and take more pictures than my hardrive cares for
. I was babysitting this week for Therapectic's Exec. Director's kiddos- her family recently took on a new puppy to raise as a service dog and I could bring Leo with me. With this knowledge I had my camera in hand I went on a veritable photographic spree of the puppies. No worries, I did watch and feed the children when I wasn't taking pictures. I have so many great pictures, but, for now soak up some sleepy cuteness!
Here's the new little guy, Saint. Is this not the definition of adorable?!? I ask you to resist this face. Yeah knew you couldn't! It is simply impossible. ;-)

One thing I cannot get over with Leo is his ability to strike amazing poses and travel when he sleep. Because of this 'talent' I was forced to give in and buy a huge kennel well before he's fully grown so he could be comfortable at night and I could actually sleep through one. I mean look at that- that's just one of like fifty positions he'll sleep in. Not kidding about that number folks, he's a mover and a shaker.

They just look so innocent when they're asleep don't they? Though I swear every time Leo takes a nap he grows more. This pic was taken two days after the previous one and you can tell, eventhough he's curled up, he has grown like a weed on radioactive steriods. I think Leo should be studied- his growth is astounding.

I swear this picture was NOT posed in any way! I was just lucky enough to have the camera in arms reach. Leo again sacked out, on his back, with all that loose skin of his smushed to sharpei-like levels. Once again I had to take a picture, I mean come on! A perfectly still puppy is a hard thing to find.... hmmmm maybe that's why I like taking pics of them asleep so much.

There are those of us who do not appreciate the whole cute sleeping puppy thing. And to be honest I can't blame Louie for the look he's giving me. I mean after all, he's just been used as a body pillow by a 40 some-odd pound puppy and I being the opportunist I am didn't stop him, I just got the camera and started taking pictures lacking any regard to Louie's personal comforts. That's just the kind of pet owner I am.
Come to think of it though, I think I may need some professional help.


Jessica said...

Sascha has grown heaps in the last few weeks as well. We cannot believe how big she has gotten and we can barely pick her up now. I will need to post some updated photos!

I love that first photo! SO CUTE!

Habebi said...

I bet she has! It's amazing how fast they grow isn't it? I can't wait to see some photos of her! I bet she's still as cute as ever.

Omg isn't that first photo rediculous? I took tons of photos of him. One nice thing about being involved with this organization is there is a revolving door of puppies! Ugh, the cuteness is almost too much. Almost... ;-)