Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome to Oklahoma Spring!

Yesterday, the last official day of winter, we Oklahomans were enjoying 70 plus degree temperatures, bright clear skies, all indications spring was on its merry way.

Now imagine the mass confusion that has been caused by today's weather:

People are confused as heck, eventhough it's not like the weather here hasn't done this before. Personally, I love the snow and have no reason to be running errands around town so I'm enjoying watching the snow fall down, watching the dogs go nuts in this white stuff, and snuggling up on the sofa relaxing. Gotta admit though, I am really amused with the change. Today's the first day of spring and the temps are going to stay below freezing and we are scheduled for some serious snow today thru tomorrow. Okay, well serious snow for us that is 5-7 inches give or take they're saying. Ah Mother Nature you are one saucy and ironic loving creature aren't you?

This folks is Oklahoma weather at its bi-polar like finest. I admit though, I would enjoy spring's arrival, but, one can't dictate the weather, so, might as well enjoy and make the best out of things.


Sarah- Little Ark Photography said...

the past two nights i've been dreaming of spring. literally.

last night i dreamt we had a massive rain storm which washed away the TWO METERS OF SNOW that is sitting in my front yard (i'm not kidding- it is that high). and the night before i dreamt we had a freak heat wave and i went to an awesome water park.

sadly, they are just dreams. I NEED SPRING TO COME NOW!!!

Dedene said...

I'll tell you that if we get snow again I'll freak out. But so far, the temperatures having been up in the teens.

Love the ducks by the pool. Happy Spring!!

Habebi said...

Sarah- Girl you need to see some green outside! Hopefully something will break soon- surely spring is on its way with April approaching? Even in Scandanavia I would think?

Habebi said...

Dedene- Happy Spring to You Too!! Glad to hear the weather on your side of the pond is warming up. The snow has freaked a few people around here out. I may not be a full fledged native of Oklahoma, but, the weather doesn't surprise me anymore. You just get used to the bi-polar nature of this place.