Sunday, July 25, 2010

Feeling Some Serious Love... and Pain

Lake Oklmulgee via some website about US scenic sites. The scene of some MAJOR fun yesterday.
Friday was the pits, I mean The.Pits. First, the electric bill was WAY higher than needed despite me never being at the new place my roomie and I moved into (I've been at Jon's since Leo's accident as there's more room to manuever and take care of a lame lab). My roomie apologized profusely blaming her lack of knowledge on how to use the thermostat which was fixed when her father came over thank GOD! So, thanks to that snafu, the bills were at least a hundred bucks more than anticipated, if not more. While that isn't a huge amount it certainly is enough to make me panic as I'm going to be poorer next month. Of course, to make things more interesting I need to get my laptop repaired before the plug in jack goes kaput- which will probably set me back nearly 130 dollars and put my laptop out of commission for a week. Add in the fact that my roomie got a raise (much deserved btw) I landed into a deep, deep funk. Jon had 10 year reunion stuff to do this weekend so I wasn't going to have much time with him and that kinda made it worse. Because, again, I was one major funk
When my friend called me up asking me if I wanted to go the lake Friday and jet ski with her hubby and some mutual friends the next day you can imagine how excited I was. Saturday morning I was scheduled to be a volunteer at a dog agility competition at the school where I learned to train Louie. It was actually quite fun and a workout as I was given the position of running back and forth to reset equipment after every competitor. So I did that, and it was good, as the tasks took my mind off of things. After I was through with that I came home to get ready to go to the lake! My friends picked me up, we picked up neccessary supplies (water, beer, you know the essentials for going to a body of water), and were off to Lake Okmulgee (about an hour south of Tulsa) with two jet skis in tow and an intertub that would hold two. Just right to go tubing using a jet ski.
You can only imagine the amount of wipeouts that occured yesterday! Oh.My.Gosh! I am in pain today, but, it was beyond worth it. My friends and I had such a blast and I was reminded why I love the lake, or any other body of water for that matter (I used to live in the lake during the summer we lived next to when my family and I lived in Michigan). Not even the loss of my new pair of Target sunglasses, lost due to me being thrown into the lake off of a jet ski head first after a wicked turn, dampaned the amount of good feelings I was having. After tons of fun in the sun, far too many wipeouts and laughs, we headed back, ate pizza, buffalo wings, and ice cream to compensate for the calories burned while on the lake, and drank a bit more. I was one happy, tired zombie when I finally got my carcass to bed around 2am.
Today when I rolled out of bed, got coffee, and turned on the laptop (yes, pretty much in that order) I went to my Blogger Dashboard page to see what I missed. Comments from friends who were sending out some love and good vibes were waiting for my approval. Between hearing the words, 'We're there for you" and "We'll support you through this" yesterday from my friends, and all the comments I've recieved during this time on this little 'ol blog, I am feeling some majorly good luv and vibes right now (despite the fatigue and aches everywhere in my body today lol). You all are seriously the best!! I know it's gushy and cheesy to say this, but, you guys mean a lot to me. I know most of us have not met in person, so it just blows me away the support all of you are giving me. Saying thank you is not enough, but, it's all I can do for now! So THANK YOU!! Sending out good cosmic vibes, as Sara Louise would say, and thanks to wherever you may be.


Caitie said...

Lake days are the best days. So are days that end with pizza, beer, ice cream, and friends. Sounds like you had a well deserved blast :-)

Sarah said...

MUAH! I'm glad you got to have a great weekend to help you with your funk. I hope things finally get turned around for you!

lovelyinlux said...

Hi Megan! Gorgeous photo, first of all, and it sounds like you had quite the eventful weekend. I had read about your job troubles (and now your extra-fun bills) and I'm totally with you--had my own minor freak-out this weekend re finances too! That's no fun! But thankfully I'm back to welcoming in my infinite flow of prosperity today, and I hope you will now too! :-)

I sent you a Facebook request -hopefully you haven't ignored it already because you didn't know my name (although my Germany garb might give me away), hehe- which I should have done long ago; I just didn't think of it for some reason! Anyway, all my Oktoberfest photos from last year are up there and there are of course many other things you'll enjoy too...hope youw be my fwend!

Habebi said...

Caitie- Yes they are!! I used to have them all of the time, but, next to nil in the past 8-10 years or so. How did I live without? I told me friends that I could seriously do this every stinkin' weekend if I could. There's just too much fun to be had. Just need to remember to get cheapy sunglasses next time! lol

Habebi said...

Sarah- Thanks girl! Fingers crossed they will soon. Not going to lie, a turn around is muey needed. But, if it doesn't happen soon it will happen eventually.

Habebi said...

Lovely!! Done and done! I can't wait to get to all of your albums. I love pictures I really do. It's like getting a peek into people's worlds. Okay.. hope that didn't sound too creepy! lol

I'm sorry you had some worries about finances. It really isn't a fun thing to deal with. However, you make a point, invite prosperity and a good mentality in and you'll be surprised with the results. Beginning to feel a bit more settled and less freaked about things so I'm taking this as a good sign and running with it! Thanks for the encouragement and support. You rock girl!

Sara Louise said...

The lake, some fun, and friends is exactly what you needed! And volunteering has got to win you some good karma points.

I'm sending you more cosmic hugs :-)
(but it sounds like you are getting loads!)

annelise said...

Money stress is the crappest :(

But how awesome does your weekend sound?! I am desperate for weather like that! Doing something that requires concentration like riding a jet ski is the perfect way to get your mind off unpleasantness.

And isn't it funny how much comments from strangers can mean? I just love them. I'm glad they cheer you up :)

I hope this week looks up for you.

Habebi said...

Sara Louise- You are so correct! I haven't laughed that hard (and I did that more than once) in ages! I hope the volunteering gets me some good karma points, may just have to throw that info on the ol' resume and see if that helps! Thank you for the continued support and of course those cosmic hugs!

Habebi said...

Annelise- I don't like money stress at all. To be honest, money is not the most important thing in the world to me, I don't think making oddles of it would make me happier. However, I do like a degree of security and ability to pay my bills! The little things you know?

I hope you are able to find a way to get out of the everyday and have some good, distracting, fun. I forget sometimes how much we all need to get out and have fun. Darned American hyper active sense of work ethic.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending you more good energy to get you through any further funks coming up. Glad you had a wonderful day at the lake. Things will work out!

Habebi said...

Dedene- Your good energy vibes could not be better timed! Just posted an entry about the latest funk that hit me! lol But you are right, things will work out and I am really looking forward to reaching that stage. All in good time n'est ce pas?