Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ha ha!!

I had to, and by that I mean do it then or be majorly inconvienced, get my driver's license renewed yesterday. Why do visits to the tag agency always make me nervous? I get this irrational fear they're going to tell me I can't get my driver's license renewed, or there's something wrong. Not to mention the dreaded waiting period at the DMV causing me to miss work or something. However, not only did I completly plan my time correctly for a trip to the tag agency, but, I also managed to take a GOOD, yes a good, picture! Check it out!

How did I manage it? I honestly don't know. I did add a bit of extra eyeliner and bronzer in hopes that I wouldn't look washed out. But, really I just think the camera gods were smiling upon me yesterday. Now the trick is to live up to this picture in four years when I must renew again. At least I have some time to think about it! ha!
ps- ignore the birthdate on there will ya? :-P


Sarah said...

Nice cheekbones!

Habebi said...

Sarah- LoL! Why thank ya! Though I had nothing to do with them- all God and genetics right there. Though I do my best to take advantage of them! lol

Jessica said...

You look great! I was born in '81, too. heheh. You're younger than me, so it's all good. ;)

Habebi said...

Jessica- Thanks!! '81 is a good year, I'm not ashamed of it! Just feels weird having my birthdate for all to see though! lol

annelise said...

Nice photo!! Must remember the make-up tips for next time. My student ID card has me looking like I'm missing a front tooth, there's a black mark where my tooth is. I was all happy after the lady took the photo too, because she said "Great photo!" and then I came crashing down when I saw I looked toothless! It's tempting to 'lose' it so I can have another done!

Isn't it funny about the irrational fears?! I have one of the sniffer dogs at airports. For some reason, the dogs always pick me out for further inspection. Even though I know there are no drugs (absolutely not!!) in my bag, I still freak out when I see them! It's so silly.

Habebi said...

Annelise- How did she not see that spot?! Maybe she just had a long day and just wasn't paying attention? Still surprising though. Bless your heart. I would be tempted to loose it too!

I hear ya about the search dogs, though they have never 'niffed me out. Thank goodness! I would probably start talking to them and letting them sniff my hand, maybe even pet them. Yeah that would go down well! ;-)