Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Little Shout Out

To these two gorgeous people.
To this crazy nice guy.

To this precocious and sweet child.

To this amazingly strong young lady.

Four dancers, one teacher. They all went to DC this weekend for the Southern Region Oireachtas (o-rock-tahs, a major Irish dancing competition). Lots of competitors and even more pressure. If you score high enough there not only to you get bragging rights, but, a chance to go to the National competition, even the World stage.
Every one of these dancers not only did well enough to make it to the third round (roughly half of the competition), but, they all scored high enough to qualify for the National competition to go. I couldn't be prouder of all of them. The young lady broke her elbow two and a half weeks ago and competed in a cast- she's going to Nationals. The crazy sweet guy has had to make major changes in his technique- he's going to Nationals. The precocious, sweet kiddo has learned hard lessons about motivation and worked even harder to improve- she's going. My gorgeous friend has worked her tail off and pushed through many doubts and moved up thirty places from last year- she too is going.
Then there's my gorgeous teacher who has worked so incredibly hard this year, not only with us dancers, but, also in hopes of passing the difficult TCRG examination.
Not only did she bring dancers up to be able to go to Nationals, but, also passed the TCRG (only 30% do at a time!). Now we are about to become our own school and we're so excited. So, I had to give a shout out to my friends who have worked incredibly hard and long for this. They are so deserving of a little bit of attention!


Anna Walker said...

That's so cool!
Oh and the hair on those little girls! Crazy! how long did that take?!

Sarah said...

Wow, how wonderful!! Congratulations to them all!

Habebi said...

Anna- It is isn't it?? It's a happy weekend for everyone, I was so glued to my phone and FB waiting for updates lol.

Re hair: Those are wigs, so not that long. Years ago women would use many techniques to get great curls (that usually fell out after dancing a lot) then someone clued in, used a wig, and most dancers wear them now. They're actually quite fun! I love the bounce!

Clouds said...

I suppose competitions could be lots of stress, but you make them look so fun! Love the outfits.

Habebi said...

Clouds- yeah it can be stressful, but, that's to be expected. I think that's why we try to have fun, just helps to deal with the stress and nerves.

Oh and aren't those outfits fab? I cant wait to have one!