Saturday, December 4, 2010

Robitussin and Christmas Movies Help to Make the Season Bright..

I'm sick. Again. lol It's almost ridiculous actually. I think this is the fourth time I've been sick this semester! I knew, going into my new job, that the first year (and even the second) one works at a school they use up all their sick days and then some. I have been told that I will not get sick after this immune 'boot camp'. I know they're right, I do. Just right now, feeling a little pessimistic. ;-)
I do feel a bit bad about so many posts centered around being sick or having a hard time at work. I promise, my life is not all sickness and hard moments. Things have been great, but, very busy. Irish dance is awesome, though I am working really hard right now (in between illnesses) to improve which of course comes slower than my perfectionist self wants. Then there's Leo who's training is coming along great despite this horrid teenager phase, Louie who is as sweet as ever, Mina who reigns supreme, and the newbie Tibby who is getting ridiculously cuter and sweeter with each passing day. Of course, Jon's still around working and beginning to actually think about fixing up the house to his liking. In between all of that I've been out with friends, had my productive moments, and so on and so forth.
So you all see, I really do have a life outside of illness and work! lol I think I'm still adjusting to keeping it all in balance and then getting around to post about it. But hey, it'll come with time and more experience right? In the meantime, I'll be thinking happy holiday thoughts via the classics (Rudolph, Charlie Brown, etc), the vacation that's coming up, and thanking the makers of over-the-counter and homeopathic medicines which are keeping me quite mellow and content right now.
ps- Please don't hold any typos against me. Decongestants make me a bit... foggy.


Sarah said...

HOORAY FOR MUCINEX! And Neti pots and hot toddies. And Kleenex. God Bless the Makers of Kleenex. Hope you get back to a good place soon! How's the gut? (((HUGS)))

Habebi said...

Sarah- Amen sista!! The gut is doing LOADS better. Thanks for asking. Now that's better onto getting healthier! Congratulations to Maggie and you for another fantastic recital!((HUGS))

annelise said...

Oh yuck for sickness. Sounds like you've got a good attitude about it though and that's half the battle.

Hope you're feeling better soon and can enjoy the holidays properly!

The Pliers said...

It could be helpful to read everything ever written by Dr. John Sarno, MD and "When The Body Says No:..." by Gabor Maté, MD.

I can empathize quite easily with your current cycle of illnesses. I used to get sick with upper-respiratory infections every 3 months for 4-6 weeks. It's very dreary and makes one feel that one cannot count on one's self.

Have you considered that perhaps working with elementary school children, and all that it entails, is not what you were cut out for?
If that were to be the case, there is no crime in it.

If memory serves, with respect to employment, you are currently following in your mother's footsteps, more or less, as you described it in a previous post. Is that the best path for you as a unique individual? There are actually people who don't get sick just because other people have cooties. I find that fascinating and always wanted to be that way. I'm getting closer to that goal but I have to watch my emotional equilibrium to maintain my health!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and lots of R&R during the Christmas/New Year break!

Habebi said...

annelise- Thank you! I'm feeling better today already and I know keeping a good attitude can really shift how an virus runs its course.

Habebi said...

Pliers- I plan on reading those reccomendations during my break. I'm looking forward to exploring the idea as I truely believe in the mind-body connection. My mother was a prime example of not having any emotional equilibrium and suffering health issue after issue. I plan on working on breaking that vicious cycle and while I have made improvements I have a long way to go and much to learn.

As far as the employment path goes, tell me about it. When I accpeted this position I laughed at how I used to say I'd never do what my mother does. And while that is true to an extent (special ed teachers have IEPs and LOADS of paperwork I don't) I think actually working this job has cemented that I definitely don't see myself being in that role though I've been told I have a talent for helping those with special needs. In a nutshell, I'm still figuring it out. I'm grateful for the opportunity to figure it out though while getting a paycheck and having insurance. That said, I will most definitely not be a para long term.

It's so good to hear from you my friend!! I hope you are celebrating your new year (of life) in style.

Dedene said...

Don't worry about complaining. It's good to hear your news. Kids are microbe traps aren't they.

Habebi said...

Dedene- Oh thank you! That really does make me feel a better. I don't like to complain too much, I do worry people will think I'm a negative nelly.

And yes, kids are practically petri dishes! lol

Sara Louise said...

Either my husband or me have been sick for the past two months. The weather has been changing so drastically and every time it does, one of us gets sick, and then we alternate. It's driving me nuts! And I'm convinced everyone thinks that we're those 'sick' people who love being sick.

Hang in there! Hopefully you'll get sorted soon :-)

Habebi said...

Sara Louise- Oh man that stinks big time!! I understand that concern though, that's how I'm feeling right now. I hope you two get sorted out too! Sooner rather than later right? ;-)

Caitie said...

I hate being sick! I hope you get better soon. Might I suggest some Love Actually to see you through those sniffly nights, and a dash of Bridget Jones' Diary--but only when laughing doesn't result in you hacking up a lung or damaging your already tender stomach.

Here's passing you good health vibes ;-)