Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Do You Say?

Today I had to report child abuse to my principal. Obviously, for privacy reasons, I cannot go into any details whatsoever. I can say that I'm very, very shook up by this, as hearing what I did today stirred up many memories of the fear I lived in as a child. It's good to face things for sure, but, wow the pain I felt back then and feel now for that kid is hit me harder than a Mack truck and is surprisingly acute. That said, I'm an adult now, not a scared child and I know how to deal with these emotions. That little one on the other hand, does not have any of those luxeries.
I don't know what to say really. However, if you're the type that believes in prayers, good thoughts/vibes, and all that please send some that kid's way. They need help and I hope that somehow, someway good things will happen for them soon.


Sarah said...

(((HUGS))) Good for you. I hope the child gets the help that he or she needs!

Habebi said...

Thank you chica! I hope so too, no kid should have to have the worries etc that this one and others do.

annelise said...

Oh, that's sad :( People can do some really effed up things to each other; no-one should have to go through that.

Habebi said...

Annelise- yes it is sad. Yet, there are a lot of good things that people do as well and I'm hoping that by showing this kid that it'll really be a positive influence in their life.

PoeticPrincess said...

Good for you! I'm glad your principal actually did something about it, as opposed to brushing it off. (my own experience when I reported a case while working as a preschool teacher.)

Sending many good thoughts and prayers for you.

Habebi said...

Poetic Princess- Welcome! And thank you for commenting. I'm sorry to say we couldn't do as much as we wanted to for this little one as there was a lack of evidence. UGH. That said there are people who are definitely working towards getting this child out of their situation. I think we just need that proverbial smoking gun. It's so hard, but, I know there are many ready to get this kiddo what they deserve and that helps a bit.

Thank you so much for coming here. I will be visiting your blog often as it looks like we have a bit in common. Take care!