Saturday, January 10, 2009


Did you know that staying up for 21-22 hours straight can really mess with your sleeping schedule and sense sanity? I've been back in Tulsa since 5am Wednesday morning and I still don't feel as if I caught up on sleep. Last night I actually fell asleep at Jon's sister's place after dinner which is very unusual. This morning I felt as if I didn't sleep at all and that feeling still remains even after copious amounts of coffee.

Today is Saturday and there are things to do and I have no inclination to do them. None. I'm pretty sure these things can wait until tomorrow... does that make me a horrid procratinator? Wait.... don't answer that.

I think the animals have it right on this one. Just lay around, chill, get up only to eat and take care of 'business'. Sometimes I wish I were them.

Then again I'd have to clean my behind with my own tongue.....yeah maybe not.

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