Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yesterday I noticed on my Yahoo! homepage that there was a severe weather alert on my weather window. Okay... So I clicked on it and to my surprise there was a an ice storm watch already in effect for Monday thru Wednesday. Ohhhhhhh goodie. I mean it was Saturday and the watch was already issued, usually they mean business when they do that. Guess what we did?! Yes, shopping. After the infamous ice storm in December 2007 it couldn't hurt to be prepared. Three stores and two hours later we got what we needed. Naturally there were a lot of people where we went, but, somehow we didn't wait longer than a couple of minutes in line. Freakin' miracle!!
Mina's completly enamoured with the salt bag. Between that and trying to get to the water in the humidifier I really don't know what to think- I just snap a picture instead.

On a completly non-weather note we finally tried the Chicago style pizza place nearby. YUM!! I seriously think I ate two meals in the the two slices I had. Mmmmmm deep dish-olicious.
My roomie and I are hunkering down and hoping we don't loose electricity. I can deal with being stranded, it's being frozen turkey butt cold that concerns me. Maybe, just maybe our preparations mean the weather won't be bad and we did this for nothing.

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Sarah said...

What's the pizza place? I don't usually go for Chicago style but that one looks actually decent. Stay warm... I am *not* looking forward to any sort of ice!