Friday, January 23, 2009

Too Funny NOT to Post

Anyone with a cat and a dog know that the cat at somepoint will prefer to eat the dog food, and the dog will ALWAYS want to dine on cat food. This is why Mina's cat food is up on the dryer. This arrangement worked well until I faltered filling Mina's bowl back up in a timely fashion and caught her a couple of days ago trying to eat dog food. I shooed her away and thought nothing of it. Haha, well...
Last night Tia (my roomie) and I were chillin' on the sofa when Tia said, "Do you smell something? I think Mina uhh..." And sure enough there was quite a stench eminating from the litter box all the way in the kitchen. So I went and did litter box management, and checked Mina out to see if she was okay. She was fine, but, her fur? Yeah not so much. She had runny poo and litter in spots all over her lower end. Not just a little, quite a bit and she was not smelling so nice.

Cleaning the cat up was neccessary. Absolutely 100%, no bones about it, neccessary. At first I tried the cat wipes to clean her, but, after four sheets (it usually takes two to clean her entirely) and realizing how deep this stuff had gotten in her fur and how many places were affected.

Tia helped to clear the kitchen sink, get the shampoo, and held her head as I washed her lower back half, tail, bottom, and hind legs while having to manhandle her and make sure she wouldn't flail in such a way she'd scratch my cat allergen sensitive roomie. Mina handled all of this rather well... considering the growls, whines, hisses, and flailing. It wasn't as bad as expected, however, she was not pleased. She was a bit sulky the rest of the night. Here is the pathetic, if not downright humorous, aftermath:

Today she's fine and hopefully she'll think twice about eating dog food. At least I hope!

Mina contemplating her revenge.


Sarah said...

ROFLMAO!!!! What did the dog have to say about all this? Because I myself am greatly amused. Loving the surgical mask and gloves. Those add a particularly nice touch. ;)

Habebi said...

Oh the dog was jumping up and down, wagging his tail, thinking that it was some kind of 'fun' game. Yeah, Mina later let him know what she thought about that. Oh and yes the masks were curtousy of Tia, who has them for whatever reason. They did help actually... Though it probably looks a little extreme.