Tuesday, January 20, 2009

No Ordinary Tuesday Morning

This morning started out like any other. I made some coffee, sat on the couch, and turned on the tv to CNN. And oh yes I am still using the Christmas mugs... Why? Because they hold the right amount of coffee. I do actually care about these things. Why do I care? Because I'm a coffee addict... and I've come to terms with that. There's the money shot. Hello Mr. President! Welcome to probably one of the toughest jobs EVER.

I was thrilled, what an amazing day in history. Jon came over for an early lunch and we watched it together. I'm not here to make a big political statement; he is a politician and I will probably disagree with him on somethings. In the end, however, I'm very proud of what this Inauguration represented and hopeful that our new president will conduct his job well. :-)

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Sarah said...

Yup, just figured it'd be good so I wouldn't bore everyone to death with homeschooling updates. Figure I'll get around to adding pictures when 'the feat' gets underway. Or sooner. Who knows. Love the mug ;)