Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Because I Continue to Not Go Anywhere

This morning I snapped a few shots of what things looked like outside before more ice and snow fell. No work again tomorrow, so I will most definitely get some more pictures. Aren't you excited?

I can hear your screams of excitement from here... all two of you who read this.
Oh and I actually did some Pilates! After that I went back to the sofa. We have a special bond my sofa and I. It's a complicated relationship, difficult to explain.
I love snowy weather. Ice isn't so bad, but, only if I don't have to drive in it. The worst part though? The worst part is not having Jon around- he cooks good food. I made shells and cheese and over nuked steambag veggies. The yumminess, or lack of it really, was astounding.

I really hope he can come back around tomorrow. If anything to save me from my lack of creative cooking skills.
Sorry for the horrid grammer in the title btw, it just felt right.


Sarah said...

Mrs. Potts would die... but she is the one who also announced that Star Trek changed grammar forever! HAHA!

Stay warm, girl... I'm gonna post my own photos when I'm done with work :p

Heather said...

hehehe...these scenes seem so familiar...much like what I'm living in at the moment, ;)