Friday, January 23, 2009

My Inability to Stay Mentally Idle

I haven't had any good leads on a job yet, which is frustrating, but, I think that'll get figured out in time. The upside of working only in the afternoons teaching piano is that I get to sleep in and I have time during the day to clean, work on a project, surf the internet, or be as lazy as I possibly can. While the last option was nice for a couple of weeks, I really couldn't take it anymore. I had to do something with my time and with my mind. Perhaps even find an activity that would connect me with new people and open up networking possibilities on the job front. The solution to my idle brain I came up with is this:
A weekly French language class organized and taught by members of Alliance Fran├žaise Tulsa. Every Tuesday evening, for the next six weeks, I will be going to the Circle Cinema office and for an hour and a half or two speaking, learning, reading French. The first class was the 20th and it was great. I had a headache, but, I was thinking, listening, and speaking French. First time in quite awhile hence the headache and headaches that have followed while doing my French homework. Seriously, 18 exercises need to be done by next Tuesday = OY! Well, I've always liked a challenge.

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Sarah said...

You are aware that "machismos" is another way of spelling "masochism." You're definitely tough for taking that class, but some might also consider you nuts! Kudos to you, girl, and good luck!