Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programing

Louie missed you! Sorry about the old picture, but, I left my camera at a friends house last night. Whoops!

The cable guy came on time yesterday to set up our internet! Not to brag, but, I'm impressed that I greeted him at the door sans make-up, coffee, and food and I still managed to smile. Jon set up the wireless router which my roommate and I named "TU Blondes" as an hommage to our alma mater. I have spent the last 24 hours catching up with blogs, checking out websites, and gaining a sense of connection to the world outside. Yes, it feels REALLY good!

My roommie and I split our bills up. Rather than keep track of specific amounts to pay one another for bills we take care of individual bills (me- water, electricity for example) and only worry about evenly splitting the cost of rent. Less stress and hassle we figured. Well, my roommate was incharge of cable and the internet. After much wrestling back and forth (what really went on I don't exactly know) she decided to switch to satellite service. Fine by me, as long as I get more the four channels to watch! The only problem is she canceled the internet, again why I don't know, as well and we ended up using someone else's wireless network which had the same name as ours. All was well until, obviously, a month ago when that wireless netwok we were using started having massive issues. Finally after some interogation she fessed up. Okay, fine, whatever let's just get the internet back.

My roommie did some online research at work and came up with one price from one service. Uhh... that's really not shopping around in my book and I was beginning to get a wee bit cranky about it all. Here I was unable to research myself, needing to be online for work, only able to get on inbetween lessons at the studio, and day by day getting more and more agitated that my roommate who has constant access to the internet at work isn't pulling her weight. Finally after going back and forth for a couple of weeks with her Jon did some research- actual good research with prices from a couple of providers and their respective speeds, costs, etc. I told my roommate I would put it all in my name and deal with it (but we were splitting the cost on this). She agreed and in no time I was signed up and a couple of days after that the cable guy came.

Moral of the story: Always stay in the loop with bills for services even if you aren't directly responsible for them.


Sarah said...

What a mess. Glad you're back on, though!

Habebi said...

Thank you hun! I'm glad to be back online too!

Dedene said...

Hooray, you and Louie are back! My motto is always be in control of all essential services!

Glad you're hooked up again.