Friday, January 1, 2010

Bonne Année!!

Ahhh the New Year! Specifically 2010... writing/typing that is going to take getting used to, I've developed a 9 year habit of writing more zeros whenever I date something. First prediction of 2010 is I will incorrectly write or type 2010 more times than I will care to 'fess up to.

How's that for a New Year prediction? ;-)

I hope the New Year was fun for you all. It was for me. I went over to a friend's and laughed and ate and drank in the New Year. I even took Annie over to my friend's apartment which went pretty well considering she's an 11 month old mammoth who has no clue as to her size. Despite a beer spilling incident she was quite the star of the party. I don't think she's been exposed to that kind of situation before so I am glad I was able to provide something new for her in her training.

So New Year... usually this is the time of year when people make resolutions. When I worked at a health food store they told us to brace ourselves for the New Year as it was the busiest time for them thanks to New Year resolutions. And were they ever right! The store turned into madhouse for most of January. However, I am not one of those who makes resolutions the first day of the year, as in the past I have disappointed myself over and over again in my failure to keep them. On the flip side I do like to set nice wide open goals before the New Year happens- usually in early December after things settle with my student's school year and the break begins.

The goals/resolutions/whatever you'd like to call them are pretty simple.
-Walk Louie more often
-Get back my flexibility (I missed my calling as a contortionist! Still can do some cool things if I work on it though)
-Take more pictures
-Blog with those pictures more often
-Volunteer and/or get involved with a good cause (managed that already with Therapetics!)
-Try to find a not so expensive ticket and get my butt to Paris (Not going to be easy it seems as tickets are going for 800 dollars and up! Stupid fees and taxes)
-Maybe start dance again

That's it so far. Of course this list is subject to modification, but, the idea is to just do somethings to improve myself, to get more out of life, etc. No stress if life gets in the way, if that happens deal with the problem/situation and go from there.

Here's to you 2010! May it be full of many new lessons and many more experiences and may I end this year better, wiser, and a bit happier.

Do you have any resolutions or aims for the New Year?

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Sarah said...

I'm hoping to get the kids and myself more involved in volunteering, too... not to mention finally get my butt back into the shape it was pre-kids! Oh, and be more patient... still...