Sunday, January 10, 2010

Almost Human

All was going alright the first week back to the world after the break. I was feeling motivated, checking multitudes of to-do's off of my list (don't get the wrong impression- still had/have TONS to do). Work got a bit hectic Wednesday, but, despite some stressful moment got through it and knew the next day there would be more to get done and it wouldn't be so bad. Then after all that I could decompress for a nice, calm weekend. I was feeling positive, motivated, and effective.

I should've known then things weren't going to go the way I wanted them to.

Thursday morning came and I did not wake up with the surge of 'let's get stuff done' energy that had been carrying me. Oh no, instead I had stomach cramps which led to me rushing to the bathroom. Oh yes, I had been stricken with a wonderful stomach virus. Believe it or not I actually dragged myself to work to teach; okay technically I had Jon haul me there as I wasn't sure what my stomach was going to do and the thought of driving and dealing with that was not appealing at all. Somehow, I made it through what felt like two days worth of two hours of lessons. I practically crawled out of the studio and spent the rest of the day either on the couch or in the bathroom.

Since coming home from work Thursday afternoon I've done a whole lot of sleeping while slowly trying to integrate 'real' food back into my now hypersensitive stomach. Good news is I was able to handle some dinner last night and I'm not as sick as I was Thursday or Friday (Hallelujiah!). However, I still am not feeling well. (Cue big boo! now).

Alright, fine I can deal with a snag in illness form. This is the time of year when being around young children because of my job and the wacky weather that is Oklahoma bring about a bug and/or infection or two. That said can I just feel better already? Things are beginning to pile up and I don't like this whole feeling bad thing. So I will end this 'I hate being sick so much' rant with I hope some more real food and sleep will do the trick. 'Cause when it does watch out world here I come!


sarah said...

we had the stomach flu in our house, courtesy of our son. it was terrible. i spent three days hunched over the toilet, praying for it all to end.

you have my sympathy!

Habebi said...

Sarah I totally feel for ya! I hope you and everyone have recovered thoroughly. Thanks for the sympathies and for dropping by!