Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Boys

Since Leo's arrival not even a week ago people have been asking about how Louie is dealing with his arrival. To my surprise many have expected that Louie would be jealous of the little guy.

Louie, however has been great. There was an adjustment period for him- like he was trying to figure out his role in all of this or something. I don't know how else to describe it. There has been no agression, just lots of sniffing that quickly evolved into lots of play.

Louie is acting like a big brother, playing with Leo, watching out for him when we took a walk, and other little things. They really seem to be hitting it off and forming quite a bond.

Leo tires out easily as puppies tend to do. He naps a lot and Louie never bugs him to play more. Usually, Louie takes the opportunity to get in a nap too. Sometimes, however, Louie will come up to Leo and give him kisses. I'll need to get a photo of that sometime. But that's the extent of the 'harssment' Leo has to suffer. To be honest, Leo's the one initiating play by pulling on Louie's ears, jowels, and tail.

To be honest, I wasn't worried about bringing in another puppy. Louie knows no stranger human or dog. Adding another critter to the pack has added a nice dynamic to the house IMHO. Oscar on the other hand... well, he's taking a bit longer to adjust.
I'm sure that dymanic will get figured out in time too. In the meantime, I get plenty of smiles and giggles watching the boys, Louie and Leo, go at it. I am looking forward to plenty more in the future.


Sarah said...

And how's MINA with the new arrival? That's what I really want to know! :)

Habebi said...

You know she's not doing too bad! I was expecting her to hate me for weeks, but, while she initially she was bit cranky it hasn't been a big ordeal. Probably helps that Leo doesn't bug her too much and she's learned to deal with Louie and Oscar. So far so good me thinks! Hope things stay that way.

sarah said...

oops- i tried to leave that last comment about laughing on this post, but somehow it didn't work...

so, on this post the last picture definitely makes me laugh!!