Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Michael Flatley Eat Your Heart Out

I am one of those people who do not idle well at all. Last year I was pretty much a lump, which was kind of needed to recooperate from the college burnout. During that time I began French lessons for the intellectual side of things and have continued since. However, physically I wasn't doing much- walking here and there, Pilates/Yoga every now and then, nothing consistent at all though. I don't know what the holiday break did to me, but, I decided enough was enough. I was tired of sitting around. I began to search for dance classes in the area.

I took adult ballet classes in college and I decided to see if any adult classes would agree with my schedule. Much to my surprise many didn't and I began to realize that maybe I shouldn't go that route. I love ballet, I really do, however, I have always wanted to take Irish dance. Yes that stuff they did in Riverdance and Lord of the Dance. Not going to lie, Riverdance inspired me years ago and while I tried to take a class some time ago (it was canceled last minute) I never got to it. Now seemed like a great time to see if I could do it

After a search on Google, a few emails back and forth, some rearrangement of a few of my piano students, and what do you know I was enrolled!! I began last Wednesday, in a more advance class, with two other adult dancers, two teens, and two younger girls. To sum it up- I had a blast!! I learned three types of steps and boy did it kick my butt! I didn't do half of what my fellow classmates were doing, but, I was sweating like a pig on rotisserie. It was an intense, but, fun workout and I love being around people who know more than me. The adult students helped me out, everyone talked to me, and I found the atmosphere welcoming. Watching everyone else is a great motivation and I hope I can do what they can one day.

I am hooked. It's fast paced and uses muscles I never though I could get in shape. What is also neat is I can go as far as I want with it. Irish dance is a competitive performing art, there are different levels and several age groups including those who are above, even well above, 21 years of age. If I want I could go to a feiseanna (Google can better define that word than I can) and be judged amongst my peers and try to move up in levels. Or I could just do performances with the school I am taking from, or both! This is something I couldn't do as an adult ballet dancer (without being a pro or teacher of course) and I am really excited and intrigued as to what I will learn and experience in this unique art form.

Yeah I know, like I really need something else to do right!? But, really, why not? My schedule is flexible and it's better to try it out and not like it than to never try at all. Truely, it's better late than never!


Sarah said...


Habebi said...

LOL I was hoping that sentence would get a giggle or two.

Anonymous said...

M., that's great! It's so wonderful to find a passion for physical activity. You won't regret it.
Maybe you'll get famous. Can you translate the names of the steps into French?

Habebi said...

Thanks Dedene! I think that was what I was missing, the passion! lol I'm so artistic sometimes it freaks me out. But, hey better to have some passion for something than not n'est ce pas?

The steps I've learned so far, could probably be translated very easily as they are named by the number of steps you take. Example- 3's. So easy a caveman could do it. ;-)That is a translation projected I could behind!

sarah said...

how fun!!! in college, i took a ballet class, and i loved it!! even though i was pretty terrible. but we didn't have any sort of performance, so there was no stress.

but irish dancing? i'd never even dare!

sarah said...

that last picture of them definitely makes me laugh!!!! HOW ADORABLE!