Friday, January 22, 2010

His Name Is...


Sorry this is a day late, my camera was taken for a couple of days (for a good cause though). Yesterday I recieved word that the donor who had the honor of naming the puppy thought he looks like a little lion and thought Leo would be the perfect name. Now I have a Louie and a Leo- yes, name confusion has already happened a couple of times!

Little lion? Maybe, but, lions have nothing on this cute guy!


Sarah said...

Puuuuuuuuuppppyyyyyyy!!!! I wanna meet that little guy!!!

Habebi said...

Of course! Get your butt over here tonight and you can! ;-)

Jessica said...

So cute... how funny that we are both raising lab puppies at the SAME TIME! I really need you help. You must have such great training guides. Please email me! ;)

How old is Leo? I am scared to take Sascha for a walk as she is not vaccinated yet - where do you go for walks?

Can't wait for more photos. Congrats again. He is sooo cute!