Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Missing the Snow

A blog entry from my Lovely blog friend in Luxembourg reminded me how much I LOVED the snow from our Christmas Eve blizzard. I know my friends probably think I'm a wee bit touched in the head, but, I wish there was more snow on the ground!

Feeling the wind, the cold takes me back to being a child in Michigan and Iowa. Snow stuck around all winter long and it was always a source of fun. Seeing a snowy landscape today whether in person or in a picture I still feel that little child inside get excited at the prospect of playing in the snow. In a way I become a kid again.

Naturally snow is a lot more fun with friends. At the same time there is a peaceful, still feeling that takes the world around you over when there is snow falling. I love that as well.

And of course snow is best tolerated when there is a cup of warm hot chocolate waiting for you when you come inside, peel the cold wet clothes off, and enjoy the company of those you love.
That is what snow in winter means to me. And that's why I don't mind when the flakes come down, slowing me down, and reminding me of the beauty of the moments from the past and ones being made in the present.


sarah said...

wonderful that your dogs appreciate snow!! my dog loves to shove his head in freshly fallen snow, in search for field mice.

he fancies himself a hunter.

Heather said...

I honestly liked the snow! The storm on christmas eve was just magical, and it was cozy to be snowed in on christmas day....we okies now have a new definition of 'cold' ;)

Habebi said...

Sarah- Yes Louie loves the snow like nothing else. It was hard to drag him back inside.

Heather- you and me both! It was magical and so nice just slow down and be snowed in for Christmas with loved ones. It was a very memorable Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I like the snow, too. The other wintertime weather option is rain, and I hate that!
Our dog loves the snow, but the fur in his paws freezes up and it hurts him. Hope Louie had lots of fun.

Our snow is gone now and things have warmed up to a balmy 6°C.

Habebi said...

Awww poor Sacha! That's no fun at all. Louie's genetic grab bag blessed him with a coat that practically repels water stuff (it takes a good couple of minutes to completly saturate his coat at bath time). So we're pretty lucky he's low maintence in that respect.

I so agree with you about winter rain! Just not near as pleasant to be in/look at. We've warmed up around here too 7~10 degrees C. Thanks to the Artic blast people were actually talking about how much they love this 'warmer' weather lol.

The Pliers said...

I love your series of snow and canine pals photos, Habebi. You look gorgeously at home!

Habebi said...

Pliers- now that's a compliment! I try to savor each moment life has to offer, don't often succed, but, when I was out there in the snow, my feet cold and soaked thru, watching the dogs just live in the moment I really did feel everything around me and was quite content to be at home in that moment.

lovelyinlux said...

Wow, thank you Megan! That was so nice of you to put in a link. I'm glad you got lots of snow to play in. Wish I had the dogs...[sigh] Where did you grow up in Iowa??

Habebi said...

Lovely- You're welcome- I couldn't help but pay a bit of a tribute to that entry. It was beautiful.

I lived about 50 miles or so south of Davenport, Iowa along the Mississippi. We actually rented a farm house, so, for a couple of years there I played with cows and in the cornfields.