Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Two weeks and a bit ago Jon and I went to Dallas for a baptism. Jon was asked to be the godfather of our friends's latest addition, so, of course we were going to go! I took the opportunity to take a lot of pictures, trying to work on shooting informal portraits and candid shots. I'm rather pleased with how things turned out! I by no means will ever be a pro, but, I like to try and take nice pictures. I am still learning how to mess with lighting settings (I am SO lost when it comes to this sometimes!) so I had to go through and edit some of the pictures to tone down a hardcore yellow tinge in the the sanctuary.
Okay so enough of all the photography talk. Enjoy some serious cuteness; their daughter literally made my ovaries twitch, NO JOKE! The family opted for the baptism only ceremony so everything was very quiet, intimate, and of course lovely.
Proud Mamma and Dad.
She is just too precious isn't she?

Jon's godson and goddaughter.

Yes, you are adorable, and yes, I am taking pictures of you, so work the cute!

Sealing the deal- that's what I like to call it anyways.

See what I mean by weird lighting/editing issues. Good pic of Jon and I, but, I can't stand how this came out! May have to and tinker with it. But, hey, at least there's a shot of the cutie pie and that counts for something right?


Sarah said...

ADORABLE!!!!!! Love the photos :)

Sara Louise said...

I love her little cap!

sarah said...

oh, that second photo was really, really special!

do you know what i do to get rid of the yellow tint? convert to black and white. :) and then pretend it was intentional and "documentary-like."

Habebi said...

Sarah- Thank you! Isn't she just a doll? Ugh, darn cute babies making me want to have one of my own. ;-)

Habebi said...

Sara Louise-I love that little cap too. Overall, I really liked their choice for a gown- girly, without too much frill.

Habebi said...

sarah- Coming from you- what a compliment!!! Thank you so much. I couldn't believe I got that shot, but again, practice makes perfect. If I get half the candid shots you do, I think I will die a happy [hobbiest] photographer.

Black and white eh?? Hmmm.... ideas. lol Thanks for the tip!

annelise said...

Her chubby cheeks are just adorable!

Habebi said...

Annelise- Aren't they just?! That girl has a lot of personality and the face to show it off. Ugh, thinking about her is making my ovaries twitch again! lol