Sunday, June 6, 2010

Things learned these past four days of babysitting:
1. For some bizarre reason or another, my caloric intake is adequate enough for me to do Irish dance several times a week, teach piano, do my assistant thang at work, errands, and run around with Leo. It is NOT, however, adequate to keep track of two seven year old boys, do work, run around, and keep the house clean. Fascinating.
2. If pushed to the absolute fatigue limit I can have a couple of cups of coffee around 7pm to get kids in bed and stuff done and still be tired enough to fall asleep.
3. If Leo doesn't have a playmate to wrestle with nor has any 'jobs' to do outside of the house he will go batty with excess energy. I actually sent my dog to my new place for a playdate. A doggy playdate. That's a new one!
4. I can make spaghetti sauce from scratch using ketchup instead of tomato paste if enough wine is used of course. Even Jon tasted it and said it was good! If you didn't know already I don't cook- I mean I can and I really love to bake, but, Jon does all the cooking and the majority of grocery shopping. I'm really spoiled and thus it was really intimidating to make sauce from scratch!
5. Wii games are a fantastic form of bribery as well as a good tool for teamwork, sharing, and fairness. I swear I cannot tame the teacher within me. Everything is a learning moment!
6. Frack is a fantastic word when you smack your head into the door letting the dog out and children are around.
7. Quiet has a whole new meaning right now!
8. A gin and tonic never tasted so good. Mmmmm... good to be home again.


Sarah said...

I love you! I'm glad you survived. And yeah, a pair of 7-yo boys is special. I have new respect for Mary every time I see her twins lol. And caffeine doesn't do any good for me, either, though clearly my caloric intake is more than adequate :D Again, glad you survived!

Habebi said...

Yeah, it was a whole new experience. And I mean I knew I was going to be worn out and all that, but, leaping on in there and doing it was a bit of a culture shock. lol Though it was a good experience.

I'm glad I survived too! I think I didn't eat enough to be honest, maybe just a result of being busy? Will have to pay better attention next tim.

Their mom said she'd love to have me back, so, over the months I hope I'll build up my stamina.

Habebi said...

Oh and thanks hun!

TracePoo said...

Frack! What a great word. I'll keep that in mind. hehe. Great job with babysitting!

Clouds said...

I am afraid I will never be ready for kids! Frack.

The Pliers said...

Congratulations on having survived the babysitting gig! That is a huge accomplishment. Although I'm totally in awe of your having refrained from having the gin and tonic WHILE you were thus engaged!

Sara Louise said...

Frack! Love it!

Children have special energy zapping powers. Seriously. Compare how you feel after a night out in a bar with friends, and a toddler birthday party. A toddler's birthday can frack you up!

lovelyinlux said...

I can totally relate to everything in this blog!! Allll of it!! And frack is my new favorite word after skullet. :-)