Monday, June 14, 2010

Gross... Just Plain Gross

I went to OK Mozart today, taught some cool people to dance, danced for some people, went home because of some serious fatigue and other issues, and was going to type up a post about it. Then I had dinner, and realized as I was preparing my second soft taco that the salsa had mold in it.
Mold. I had just put this salsa all over my first soft taco.
I ate mold. Never in my life have I seen mold in salsa and here I was staring it down and feeling my body begin to 'sour' on the inside.
Suffice it to say eating mold, consuming a lot of anti-histamines, rushing to the bathroom, thrwarts any blog post about dancing at a major music festival. Dontcha think?


Sarah said...

Ohhh yes. Mold is definitely a trump card. Hope you have a restful evening otherwise!

annelise said...

Oh :( That's no good at all. Well, mould is penicilin (or however it's spelled!) so you should be the healthiest kid on the block!

Sorry. Lame attempt at making you feel better for eating mould. :)

The Pliers said...

Fortunately, tomorrow will be a brand-spanking-new day!

And you will have something new to add to your list of Weird Things That Happened To Me In My Long, Happy, and Fascinating Life...

Get some rest and come back swinging!

lovelyinlux said...

Definitely. The mold takes the cake. Although I doubt anything serious will happen to you from eating the mold, I know how gross it must be. :-) If it makes you feel any better, my stomach is still kind of growling reading about your soft taco! Hope by now you're all better and aren't sick in bed!!

Cheryl said...


I once drank a cocktail before noticing that there was mold in the whipped cream. It made me feel distinctly sick. I had to comfort myself with another (no-cream-involved) cocktail.

Clouds said...

Euw! Hope you're feeling alright! I hate it when mould gets to my bread... especially when that's dinner!