Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Being Thankful

Last night, much to my horror, Leo and Louie managed to escape Jon's house. We aren't sure how the gate was opened, but, it was and both dogs bolted unbeknownst to Jon and I (I was tending to his 2nd degree sunburn). When I went to get the dogs was at the door, but, no Leo. so the frantic search for Leo began. I ran back into the house at one point to get my phone when I saw that Harmony, one of the cool Therapetics people, had called. I called her back in quite a state- obviously. Calmly she told me they had Leo.
He had been hit by a car. A hit and run, actually, just down from Jon's house on one of the main streets that run through Tulsa. What is amazing is when Leo was hit Louie stood in the middle of the street 'gaurding' if you will Leo until good samaritans saw them, picked Leo up, called Therapetics and took him to the emergency vet clinic. They tried to pick up Louie, but, he ran away from them back to the house.
Leo's okay. Some slight bruising on his lungs, a bit of a cut on his lip, and the worst injury a broken leg. The break is in his lower left front leg, nowhere near the growth plate, so, his future as a service dog is not in jeopardy and most importantly he should make a full recovery. The leg will be operated on and he'll have a type of set up that will be outside of his leg to allow it to heal properly as he grows. I will be able to give you more detail once I know more.* The Therapetics vet, Dr. Mary, told me about it this morning. She kept Leo last night so that she could address any immediate medical needs Leo had. She is taking Leo to the vet, Dr Henson who sits on the Therapetics advisory board and will be performing the surgery.
So while I am thoroghly traumatized I am so, so grateful. Grateful to Louie who put himself in harm's way and protective instincts probably saved Leo any further trauma. I'm so thankful for the people who saw them and took care of them and were concerned about both Leo and Louie. I am extremely grateful and overwhelmed with the kindness of the Therapetics staff who showed up en masse at the emergency clinic, have kept in touch, and were amazingly kind to me as I feel like a horrible puppy mamma atm. And to Jon who kept me calm and to every friend who has expressed concern on FB, or via text, or phone. I'm simply blown away by how supportive and kind everyone is being. It really is overwhelming.
More updates to come, but, the good news is he's okay and will be okay. And for that I am beyond thankful for!
*ETA- Leo was outfitted with an external fixator device. Surgery was successful and he'll be home tomorrow!
**Oh and to add to my day, after I posted this my phone broke, and my car magically had a flat tire. Suffice it to say I'm hoping I get all this crappiness out of the way for a bit!


Sara Louise said...

My heart broke when I read that he was hit by a car, but then I thought about the title of your post and knew he must be ok. Huge sighs of relief for you xo

Habebi said...

Sara Louise- Thank you so much for your kind thoughts/comments! Yeah, when Harmony told me he was hit by a car I literally crumbled onto the driveway and broke out in near hysterics (I was running around looking for him and talking on the phone- yay multi-tasking).

It was pretty intense waiting to hear how the x-rays looked, but, when Dr Spears came out with a "Yes!" and thumbs up I nearly crumbled again! Now I'm just waiting now to hear what the surgeon thinks and we'll go from here. It's so hard to wait at home for the phone to ring!

Again thank you so much for the good thoughts. If you don't mind sending some more across the pond to Leo I would really appreciate it. Take care! Bisous!

Sarah said...

What a scary, scary time! I'm glad the damage wasn't any worse and that he's going to be okay. Poor baby. :( He'll be in my thoughts. Let us know how the surgery goes!

Habebi said...

Sarah- Thanks hun! Yeah I got to see him once they wheeled him out Despite the serious drugs, when I petted him his tail went "thump, thump, thump". What a trooper he is! He's so lucky and has the benefit of being young and easily healable. Way too close of a call though if you ask me!! lol

annelise said...

Oh, poor puppy!! I would have been an absolute mess for sure. I'm so glad he's okay. And Louie - bless! How gorgeous to stand guard!