Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cuteness Break

To say Leo's recovery has taken over my life, and my blog, is an understatement. I appreciate all the well wishes, btw! Leo is recovering, but, as he's off of sedatives now the situation has changed. He's more bored, more vocal, less cooperative, and feeling the need to run if allowed. Yeah, so it's to the kennel Leo goes. He doesn't like it and I can't blame him. But his persistant whining and clanging into the cage with his collar is fraying my nerves.
Next week is the studio's summer break and I'm trying desperately to hang in there until then! So, too keep my chin up I had a brilliant idea. Post cute puppy and kitten pictures. That'll lift your spirits I thought. Now prepare yourself... if you hate cuteness do NOT scroll down!
You have been warned....

8 week old Leo. The day after Therapetics gave him to me to raise. He still has those jowels btw. Feeling cute happy feelings already!

Louie at about five months (one month after I got him). O-M-G!! This is before he became a fluff ball. I love his little puppy sit and expression! Just too much.

Oh gawd!! This makes me want another kitten. Like bad! Mina was about six weeks. She is still freakin cute. Dang... I have some cute animals around here!
I do feel a bit better. I knew this would work! Hope it helps you all too. Whether it be a bright spot in a gloomy day or just another thing to smile about during a good one.


Jessica said...

Too... much... cuteness... I can't pick a favorite. They are all too cute. I love them all.. ooh they are soo cute.

Habebi said...

Jessica- I know!! Kinda was the point of the post. Revel in the cuteness, don't fight it! ;-)