Friday, June 4, 2010

Goodbye Friday... I Hardly Knew Ya

I am currently on a babysitting gig until Sunday evening. As in the full time, take 'em everywhere, feed them three meals per day (plus snacks), get them cleaned, keep them entertained, and put them to bed at a reasonable hour deal- oh try to keep them from killing themselves, that's important. Whhheeee!!! I'm a bit worn out and in my frenzy to keep kids occupied, work (how I got things done is a wee bit beyond me), run errands, drop Jon off so he could go on a work float trip (the b*****), and keep Leo focused- yeah I forgot today is Friday!
I was going to write up a post showing off some cool stuff I took pictures of in Dallas, but, apparently my computer doesn't jive well with the whole plug-in internet thing right now. Snob. So, you'll have to tolerate some more non-picture post action from me. Oh and the whole, "Wow, this psuedo-full time mom job is cuhrazy!" stuff too. I love you moms out there, serious kudos to you all!
Oh and there's a positive development with work ordeal. I don't want to say anything just yet (gotta make sure you know!), but, I'm fairly happy with the results. Thanks again everyone for your advice on this!
Okay random Megan signing off for now! 'Nighty night folks!

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Sarah said...

(((HUGS))) Hang in there! The weekend will be over before you know it!