Sunday, September 26, 2010

And We're Back

Ohh last week, how you took it out of me. My apologies for my blogging absence! I got a bit sick, the kids all took crazy pills at school, and yesterday I had three places to be and Leo had hot spots on his paw so bad he hardly moved for a day (he's a lot better now). My energy is coming back and now I'm back to blogging.
So here's the long overdue post about the Scottish Games in Tulsa. I danced there a week ago and wow was I rusty- and HOT!
The Scottish Games mean that there are multitudes of men wearing kilts. Young and old.

I wanted to hug this old man. He was decked out and didn't seem to be bothered by the hot weather. Though I wonder if his legs itched in those stockings that day.

Thank you Lord for men who dress in kilts and do us the favor of wearing shorts underneath. From what I understand most, if not all kilts, are all wool. For their sake I hope they were wearing their light weight summer kilts. I have my doubts.

Did I mention it was hot out there last week? Like almost mid-summer hot. Summer decided to make one last stand and of course it was on the day we had to dance. As you can tell I was less than enthused about having to be there. I wanted to dance, but, I knew it was going to be rough as I had just started practicing again after a six week break. Add the heat in there and I just wanted to run. But, alas, the show must go on!

Photographic evidence that I love, love to jump. And my form isn't nearly as good as it was! The beginning of the performance wasn't bad. But, after about 10 minutes I thought I was melting.

We have a new addition to our little dance school and his name is James. I don't think I have to point out where he is in that picture. He's really cool,talented, from Canada, and one tough cookie for having to dance in that heat in black slacks and a long sleeve shirt. I felt bad about my complaints. At least I had a t-shirt on.

We danced two 15 minute segments. I was told that my face looked about as red as my skirt towards the end. Darn pale skin and my tendency to overheat! I think we all lost five pounds dancing out there. Apparently Irish Dance has about the same cardio impact of full on running- while I am no scientist nor doctor I would like to throw in my, 'YA THINK?!' in there. It was fun though, the crowd was delightful and forgiving of our rusty performance (first time the 'band' was back together and we rehearsed just an hour plus-ish before we arrived at the games). Thanks to Sarah's kids and hubby who showed up and watched my face nearly explode! lol And of course we must give Jon some major credit for taking pictures of the dancing and for taking me to get a cold beverage at QuikTrip after. We wanted to stay longer, but, the heat was making us both very tired so we headed out and sought relief in cool drinks and air conditioning. That said, the Tulsa Scottish Games were fun, bagpipes and kilts everywhere, games, dancing, and good food. What's not to love and enjoy?


Caitie said...

Yay new post! Great jumps! Looks like it would be a fun event to attend (when the weather isn't so hot!). Hopefully the kids layoff the crazy pills this week ;-)

Sarah said...

Glad you're back! Michael loved watching you and has been rehashing it all week. Oh, and watch out for those full moons. That's what makes the kids take the crazy pill. ;)

Habebi said...

Caitie- Thank you! It is a fun event and always well attended. I just wish the heat had been much like today's which is so much cooler and more fall like.

Habebi said...

Sarah- Oh how cool! Love hearing that! I'll make Michael wanna channel his inner Michael Flately lol. ;). Yeah between the full moon and the barometric changes they were all over the place. It was exhausting! All of the faculty and staff were ready to run like h*** Friday! We all needed a break big time!

Sara Louise said...

Look at you! (but lord you must have been melting with the stockings on!)

(and at first I thought the old man in the first photo was an old lady! oops!)

Anonymous said...

You look very gazelle-like hopping about in the pictures. Even though you were hot, I'm sure that the spectators enjoyed watching the group.
Glad you're feeling better.

Habebi said...

Sara Louise- omg yes!! There was a tent attached to the dance venue and I got in there and ripped those stockings off as soon as I could! Thank you for the kind comments! Makes me feel not as lousy of a dancer. LoL

Habebi said...

Oh and ps- yes from behind it's easy to think that man is a lady with how he was rocking that kilt!

Habebi said...

Dedene- merci!! Tu est tres tres gentille! There are several pictures where I looked a wee bit more clumsy! LoL that's ok though gives me motivation to improve!