Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Workin' Hard For the Money

I started working for the elementary school yesterday. Surprise!! Monday I got the call to show up at 8am the next day. I'm not goint to write too much about what has been going on as, well, to be honest there hasn't been too much going on! The office at the school I work at is swamped so me, another para, and the occasional teacher's assistant are working on paperwork. Mind numbing paperwork. It's not horrible and it is nice for Leo as he can get used to the new environment without being overstimulated and needing to be good in a classroom setting. That scenario struck fear in my heart. I should get assigned to a class and student soon, but, the office is in dire straights as they are overwhelmed with neccessary forms to record, chase down those who haven't filled out forms yet, take care of the usual administrative stuff, and so on and so forth and naturally being a public school they aren't staffed to the hilt with people who can deal with mundane tasks. Thus, I get to deal with those for them
I'm eager to get started on my 'real' job, but, I'm also grateful for being able to do something during the day. Not going to lie, these early mornings are KILLER!! I'm sure there are many more adjustments coming my way. I am dreading the next month as I get used to this whole new working full time and teaching piano on the side routine (not to mention my other activies I do on top of that!). There's no elegant way to say this, but, this new routine will probably kick my a**.
And to that I say, "Here's to a sore butt!!"


Sarah said...

Are you still taking dance, too? Will you guys be at the Scottish Games? Just curious, because I think I'm sending Oz and the kids there on Sunday. :)

Habebi said...

Sarah- I'm planning on dancing still, but, we won't be at the Scottish Games this year. My instructor is about to take the big certification test Sept 9-12. As she's getting ready to take that they decided not to perform this year. I heard there are going to be Irish dancers there, though they're from a studio that mainly does clogging. So... dunno. Still, the Scottish Games are fun!

The Pliers said...

Congratulations on being up to your elbows in gainful employment! I'm sure that they are delighted to have you there. Have fun!

Caitie said...

So awesome that you've started! Public schools are the most important educational institutions, so it's so great that kids will benefit from having your patience and Leo. Win-win!

TracePoo said...

Hey girlie! You have a blog award waiting on my blog. :0)

Congrats with the new job! Hope you have a great 3-day weekend! (The perks of public education: All holidays and vacays!)