Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall Beckons

I can't help but have a, "My thoughts on fall approaching" entry. So if you'll allow me a bit of musing here and random photo-age I'd appreciate it. Even though, the daytime temps still hover in the lower 90's we can feel fall approaching here in Tulsa as the morning temps are much cooler and the humidity is beginning to drop. I don't think fall really starts in Oklahoma until October, so, with the end of September approaching I'm anticipating the cooler and crisper air! This probably has to do, at least in part, with my car not having a/c. But, seriously I do love fall!
Mina doesn't get a lot of face time on my blog, but, she's still around and Queen Bee of all.
Fall makes me wanna clean. I know there's spring cleaning, but, what's wrong with a little fall cleaning I say? Oh, right cleaning involves work. Well, guess it's a small price to pay for some good clean 'feng shue' around the house right? Oh and fall means new clothes must be bought. Especially since I've been wearing the same black slacks 3-4 days of the week (different tops of course!) at work. A new job and a change of season is the perfect time for shopping, n'est ce pas?
Okay... so anytime of the year is a good time for shopping really. I just get buyers guilt if I don't have a good rationalization for shopping.

The dogs love that temps aren't in the 100's anymore. Can't say I blame them there!
Fall also means I'm back to Irish dance and hopefully my French language classes (if they're offered on one of my few free nights. Fingers crossed!). I'm still sore from last Thursday night's dance class and I've discovered that my feet lost their most of their calluses. I've been on blister watch for the past two days. Luckily, none have popped up yet, but, the balls of my feet are tender. Getting back into the groove of dancing has it's price. Oh why oh why did I not practice during the break!? Oh, right, I was trying to get a job. Then I got a job. I guess that's a reasonable excuse. ;-)
Fall also brings the Scottish Games, the Tulsa Oktoberfest, and the Tulsa State Fair. Plaid skirts, Highland games, leiderhosen, bratwurst, beer, fried food, and mullet sitings- what's not to love?! Naturally I'll be attending these said events and going bananas with the camera. I hope I can capture a shot of the illusive 'skullet' at the fair. There's always a couple in the crowd, but, getting a clear picture of this phenomenon, and being inconspicuous about it, is very, very challenging.
I love fall, but, I love every season for one reason or another. I think that's because, by the time a season ends I'm ready for a new one to begin. I love the changing of seasons the holidays in them, and the events, big or small, they bring.
Do you have anything to look forward to during fall?


Sarah said...

Adam's company usually gets a tent at Oktoberfest corporate night. The last two years, Adam has gone without me, but he's hoping to wrangle an invitation for me this year. I hope you find a skullet! They are SPECIAL. Bonus points if you get a picture of their teeth (or lack thereof) to go along with the hair (and lack thereof). Fun times.

Habebi said...

Ohhh hope you land a place in that tent!! I will be dancing at Oktoberfest on a Sunday so I'm hoping we get to drink some beer afterwords!! Let me know if you get to go.

Yes I will work hard to get that skullet picture. This phenomenon must be captured!

Clouds said...

the beautiful multi coloured leaves.
and nutella crepes!

Caitie said...

Clothes shopping! There's just something about the fall window displays that make me a little misty eyed...I think it's due to the fact I know I won't be able to make it out of the store without buying something, so I'm crying over the inevitable bank balance damage. I also love the crisp air.