Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ideas? (aka PLEASE HELP!)

The lovely Dedene suggested the Eiffel Tower be part of the decorum in my room. And since then I've been parusing art.com scouring prints; I am loving the idea. I already have a large print in a black frame of the Chat Noir, so naturally I would like something that goes along with the vintage idea. It's not neccessary though...

Anywho, I'm thinking about buying this print, though I bought mine at the local Hobby Lobby. The question is... should I get this one? What do you guys think? I'm not an interior decorator and infamously indecisive. Any comments or suggestions are most welcome. And thank you so much for putting up with me during all of this! Bisous à tous!


Anonymous said...

I love that poster! It's not one that you see often either, which makes it even more special. Are the reds compatible? Glad you liked the Eiffel Tower idea. It came to me because the Tour just had her anniversary.

Habebi said...

Hey Dedene! From best I can tell the reds don't look like they're going to clash. The poster has grown on me even more! Think I'll order it next paycheck. Merci for your input!