Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh My Good Gawd

I am TIRED!! Yesterday what started out as a simple room painting project turned into quite an ordeal. Isn't it always like that though when it comes to home improvement project? Okay in fairness there wasn't a lot of drama just a lot of painting! Jon, roomie, and moi started work around 3pm and we didn't get done until well past midnight. After putting the room back together, clean up, etc I crashed around 2:15am.

Why so long for a small bedroom? It took three, yes three (not including the primer) coats of paint! Jon had to run to Lowe's just down the street to grab another gallon around 9:30pm. We didn't use that much in the living room which is easily twice if not three times the size of my bedroom.

I will say it was worth the effort, but, today I'm doing diddly squat. And I don't care who knows it! (and yes there will be pictures later- too lazy to do it today)

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