Thursday, May 21, 2009

Le Dîner

French class was canceled tonight as my teacher's father had a medical emergency. Good news is, it sounds like he isn't in danger (yay for texting!). So rather than mope because there's no class Jon and I decided to bring a little French home for dinner. Mind you not all of the food presented is French, but, there is cheese, bread, wine, fruit, salad- pretty French overall! Though I will confess I cut up a salad leaf, a big no-no in France.... but in my defense it was HUGE!


Anonymous said...

C'est trop bon tout ça. What is the wine?

Habebi said...

It is an organic pinoit noir called Jericho. Jon went to the liquor store, saw it, saw it won awards and thought, 'Why not?' That's the second bottle we've bought- it's good and only 15 bucks. Though to be honest, my wine palate is not near what I would like to be. Just going to have to buy more huh? ;-)