Sunday, May 24, 2009


Oh yes, this is what it looks like!

My oh so lovely "I'm high as a kite" pic doesn't look so bad with all that shiney stuff!
Thursday, the 21st, I recieved an email from the State Department that my passport was being shipped off to me. and that it would be in my hands by May 25th; not too bad considering I turned in the form four and a half weeks ago. Naturally I was excited, but, content to wait a few days. Well, the damn US Postal Service (note sarcasm) had to be efficient and I recieved it the VERY NEXT DAY! Yes, you heard me right I recieved it early and only a day after being notified. Big kudos to the USPS!!
Thanks to this pretty little thing I can go wherever I want in the world- except you know, like North Korea and such. Now just to get the money to get my butt there!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great. You must go out and use it!
I've let my US passport expire. But I don't want to get it renewed because I'd have to give it up to get the new one. The old one has such great visa stamps in it.

Habebi said...

Oh yes, that is my plan! I had one before, but, it expired awhile back and I was told I had to start the process over again and just get a new one. Is it different because you are abroad?