Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Un noveau boulot

Monday morning, just before the clock struck 9am I was in an real live office getting ready to start a part-time position for the next seven weeks. The father of the children I watch every Friday approached me when he came home from work and I thought what the heck? So, I am now an office girl- unofficially a mule who makes sure things get done or people don't get paid. I am at the beck and call of whoever needs me for simple, or not, task, copy, log, file and fax every piece of business the company which sells insurance policies, supplements, annuities, that sort of thing.

So whee-haw! Two and a half jobs and one of them requires me to get up before *GASP* 8am! Vast amounts of coffee have been required. I know what you're thinking and yes, I'm laughing at myself adjusting to a more 'normal' schedule. It's been a bit of an adjustment so far especially being in such a masagonistic setting. The cologne dousing alone nearly killed me- thank God the allergy medicine kicked in!

At least it is extra money and the people are nice. It's weird though- here I am, a college grad, happy to be doing something, but, at the same time confused at my meager pay when what I do is really important (not my words I promise!) and when I can run circles around some of these guys in some arenas. Strange the little ironies of life huh? No matter, I will do my work, do it well, and try to enjoy work experience that I can put down on a resume. Can't really complain about that can I?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, get used to being payed for not how much you do, but how you are seen within the company. You will probably always run circles around your male coworkers, but in my experience, no one will notice and you'll wear yourself out.

Glad you've got another job. The money always comes in handy.

Habebi said...

Merci Dedene! And yes I am getting that sense too! This job will only last until July so I'm not too worried about wearing myself out (at least not at this point). However, it gives me a peek into what I could be doing and I'm not sure I *should* be doing that. Like you said, no one will notice, you wear yourself out- doesn't sound like the way I wanna live! lol

Sarah said...

LOL no kidding... do the bare minimum! Then bring in a book in French and read it in front of them. That'll get 'em. Hope the coffee works out for you, and yay for a summer/temp job! What happens if they want you to stay on after the seven weeks are up?

Habebi said...

HA! I should so do that- reply randomly in French... mwahahaha. I have no idea what would happen, or if it will! The girl I replace should be coming back so I think that would be really awkward unless she didn't want to return? Long story short- I have NO idea!