Friday, August 13, 2010

Definitely Not Meant to Be

I called the DHS supervisor back this morning to talk to her about what the job offer entails. Before I was able to ask any questions, however, she told me that the her boss said no way Jose to Leo coming in. He is, apparently, concerned that Leo would be a liablility and they could get sued (which doesn't make a lotta sense as it's a state/public organization, but, whatev). Okay big strike one right there. I still wanted to know what the position would entail, so, I asked about benefits. No benefits for temp workers, though if I were to get hired on after six months I would get those...but, I would have to wait, and no sick leave nor holiday pay. Big ol' strike two there. Last the pay would be hourly and the wages for a temp worker is $10.66/hr. Add not being able to teach students on top of that pay and the fact a paraprofessional gets paid, roughly, about the same [not to mention there would be benefits!] and working at a school would mean I could easily have another pay check coming in from the studio for teaching piano meant STRIKE THREE!!
I told her I would have to think about it, but, I was positive what my decision was going to be. I still discussed it with my friend, my roomie, and Jon and they all agreed that I should hedge my bets with finding a position in a school. [I also have a good lead with a friend's company, which I'm going to put as plan b] This afternoon there were rumors circulating that they were trying to work to get me a job and the I recieved a telephone call from a public middle school asking if I would come in for an interview for a para position there!!
I really love it when the universe works to make things easier for me. Telling DHS I wouldn't take the position was a no brainer and I felt very 'at peace' with that. Now keeping my fingers crossed that I will land where I need to be and where I'm pretty sure I am needed to be.
ps- Thank you all for your encouraging words of support!! You guys are really helping me by reading my rambling thoughts. Just knowing there are people willing to read and 'talk' me through this is beyond amazing. THANK YOU!


annelise said...

Wow, full points to the universe for having your back! What an ego-boost to know that someone was chasing you for work! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you! Great start to the weekend xx

Habebi said...

Annelise- Yes credit must be given where it is due! Thank God for small blessings huh? And thank you for the kind comment. I am surprised by all of this right now, kinda overwhelmed, and a bit bewildered. But, all happy feelings! Have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

I'm kinda glad DHS isn't working out, anyway. I could totally see that job stressing you out WAAY more than you want to be, and that would be horrid, too. Good luck with the para position!

Habebi said...

Sarah- Yeah stress, plus that amount of work, for that pay, without Leo, and no benefits would've equaled TONS of stress. Like I said, not meant for me to be sure. Thanks for the luck- I'm hoping things work out!

Caitie said...

Fingers crossed!!