Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Morning After

Don't you just love it when the high of a great moment comes crashing down?? Leo's sedatives wore off and oh-my-GAWD has it been a bumpy ride this morning. Here's the breakdown:

8am- Wake-up to barking. Yell 'Quiet', 'Wrong', and 'NO' repeatedly and try to go back to sleep.

8:30am- Barking hasn't stopped. Yell at Jon to take the dog out and drug him with Benedryl. Attempt to fall asleep. (Keep in mind I was up half the night with cramps and thus really wanting more sleep- sorry male readers for the tmi)

8:45am- Jon takes care of dog and goes to work.

8:46am- Barking starts up again. Put pillow over head and pray for sleep.

9:45am- Barking continues, as it has for the better part of nearly two hours. Decide sleep isn't going to happen, get up, take dog outside, kennel him, and get coffee and breakfast.

10am- Coffee made, dog begins to whine. Take dog outside. Feed dog, give him antibiotics, put back in the kennel, get on laptop.

10:15am- Whining and barking continues and replies to comments on blog continue to be interrupeted; about every five minutes. Begin to loose sanity.

10:30am- Dog won't stay settled and whines. Create elaborate leash system in hopes that he'll lay down next to the couch (on the leash as per doctor's orders) and settle down.

10:45am- Leo won't settle. Put him on the couch (yes I have to lift his 70 plus pound body myself) in hopes he will. Decide to give another dose of Benedryl hoping the combo will take him down.

11:05am- Dog still won't settle and makes multiple attempt to launch himself off of the couch (BIG no-no). Call Jon begging for more Benedryl (we're out) and in the middle of the conversation throw the phone down as the dog makes another attempt to kamikaze like jump off of the couch. Remove dog from couch and carry him over to the the floor pad praying, pleading for him to settle.

11:20am- Since Leo continues to whine take him outside for the fourth, or fifth?, time. Walk around outside for 20 minutes, in the 95 degree, 100 degree heat index, weather hoping he'll wear out.

11:40am- Come inside from the heat, sweaty, and cramping, and loosing it with the dog who won't listen.

11:45am- Dog continues to whine. Take him outside again. He lays in the grass- proceed to mini-'Dear God why are you doing this to me????' breakdown.

12pm- After lots of water put the dog in the kennel and start coping by vacuuming.

12:10pm- Still vacuuming as it's good therapy. Yes, I do realize how OCD and neurotic that sounds.

12:15pm- Realize the dog has been quiet for a solid 15 minutes!! A first in the past four hours.

12:30pm- Sit on the couch, dare to open the laptop again, and realize the dog is fast asleep (one would think after having two doses of Benedryl within the three hours this would've done the trick earlier, but, hey at least we have something now). Thank God and beg forgiveness for loosing it.

12:40ishpm- Blog about the morning.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!


Sarah said...

You win! All I'm dealing with today is my mother-in-law staying with us for a few days. That, and her little dog, too, who is SO about to get a bath cause he reeks. Hope Leo settles!

Habebi said...

Sarah- Ewwww smelly dogs = bad mojo. Hope you get that puppy cleaned and stay sane. Good luck!

Clouds said...

It's almost like having a baby!! ;) Happy Wednesday.

Habebi said...

Clouds- You are not kidding!! My gosh. I don't know if I'll make a great mother if I'm sleep deprived and the baby's acting that way. Lord have mercy on us all if that happens! lol

Sara Louise said...

Not fun! Thank heavens for vacuuming and doggy sedatives ;-)

Habebi said...

Sara Louise- Not at all!! We started off well this morning and now he's at it again. UGH! This house will be clean from top to bottom at this rate no doubt about it.