Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Holding Pattern (ie I hate waiting)

Yesterday I went to my third interview in just a week's time. I recieved a call to come in two hours before and had to ask for a different time due to the fact my car's battery decided to die last week. Still, got my coffee, ate breakfast, and got ready in plenty of time for Jon to pick me up (seriously give this boy props for being willing to leave work because I need a ride) and take me to a middle school for another para position. The rain slowed us down a bit, however, we got there a few minutes early.
The interview went really well. Apparently the magic words are, "My mother was a special education teacher." During both interviews with the principals when I say this I get very positive reactions! The vice-principal was extremely kind, albeit very neutral and hard to read for the most part. I will say though that through all of this, the reactions when I mention Leo have surprised me quite a bit. The elementary school was all for it, DHS was confused and not sure what to say, and the vice-principal stated he was neutral and needed to check with the district. Considering how many positive comments I've recieved in public the reactions during my interviews have caught me off gaurd. Finding a workplace that'll accept Leo is proving to be more of a challenge than I anticipated. Nothing like the unexpected during this time right? lol
Now I wait. I've heard nothing back from the elementary school principal about the para position there yet, and to be honest that's where I feel a pull towards. That would be the place I'd prefer to work and not just because they'd accept Leo there (though that is a major plus!). It just feels like the place I need to be. However, allotements, budgets, H.R, etc may get in the way of the position there. The middle school one wouldn't be so bad, but, I just didn't 'feel it' as much if that makes sense. But, in the end a job with those hours, pay, and benefits is paramount no matter where it is.
School starts next week and as each day passes without hearing whether I got it, or not, it's hard not to become pessimisstic. I am becoming somewhat paranoid, thinking that because I want the position so badly I won't get it. This mentality is pretty typical for me- prepare for the worse just in case, but, don't stop hoping. I think in the end I just want to start this new chapter in my life, start saving up to travel, and begin planning for bigger things ahead. That's not too much to want is it?

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